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Girl Genius

"Cool! Stick with me. We can start the 'embarrassing parents' club!"
—Larana, on meeting Agatha Heterodyne

Larana Chroma is the former princess (now queen via usurpation ) of the Silver Lands, the Arguron kingdom located under Paris. Her father is the unnamed King of said lands and she is introduced participating with Boris and Jenka in his kidnapping. She has allied with the The Incorruptible Republic of the Immortal Library of the Grand Architect in an attempt to free her people from The Other.

Previously, following the interference of Jiminez Hoffmann in the war between the Argurons and the Talpini, she was betrothed to a prince of the Talpini Moligarchy. She hoped to use that alliance to save her people, since the Talpini have not yet fallen to the hands of The Other.

She is a student at the same university as Jiminez Hoffmann, and has long had an ill-concealed crush on him.[1] She later finds out that he is the Moligarchy prince she is supposed to marry, while Jiminez later realizes he has fallen in love with Larana.

She appears to be an expert or at least an enthusiast when it comes to the use of explosives; she seals the passage behind the group that kidnaps her father, and later demolishes an ancient clank after it sprays Jiminez in the face with acid.

The latter incident occurs when she accompanies Agatha and Co. into the former Corbettite vaults in the Library. Along with Jiminez's brother Aldin, she is also covertly seeking the control unit for the Muse of Vengeance. Their conniving on this ultimately successful quest leads Jiminez to believe that Larana is in love with Aldin and vice versa.

Upon their return to the Immortal Library, it is revealed that her father had "conquered" the Library . After a momentary detainment, capture, and garbing in nearly nothing by her father's henchmen, Princess Larana publicly declares her intent to usurp her father, her love for Jim Hoffman, and that the Library's neutrality must be kept sacrosanct. The Library's returning secondary expedition endorses her usurpation at gunpoint to the King's Other-allied entourage. When last seen, she and Jiminez are departing for further adventures together.


  1. Hoffman, however, was oblivious to how Larana feels about him and had his own ill-concealed crush on Colette Voltaire. Both of them were so tongue tied and ill at ease in the presence of their beloved that they are practically paralyzed. Zeetha notes that the problem can't be universal to Parisians.