Jaron is a distinctive-looking fellow with dark skin and red, glowing, pupil-less eyes who officially serves as Martellus von Blitzengaard's "personal assassin," though as seen below he seems to have other duties as well. Martellus' Knights of the Hunt refer to him as Lord Jaron. What he calls them may not be printable in a family publication..

He is a Night Master, which lets him disappear or teleport in some fashion at will. He also displays a proficiency with knives.

He makes his first appearance during the memorable Parisian costume ball staged by Seffie and Grandmother. He brings word regarding some jugglers that Tweedle evidently hired for the event, but the reader gets the first real taste of his personality when he is shown assisting his employer with the battle against Revenants which erupts following the unannounced arrival of The Queen of the Dawn. Unsurprisingly considering his job, he doesn't show much enthusiasm for Tweedle's PR-influenced order not to kill any of the wasp-victims. A short time later he brings Tweedle the theoretically-adjusted sword Archimedes' Lever, and says that Smoke Knights under his direction have been covertly pumping the rampaging Andronicus Valois full of poison, without any seeming effect.

He reappears in the story leading (or just unenthusiastically traveling with) a pack of the Knights aboard a shanghaied airship over the English Channel; they have been dispatched to kill Tarvek, along with any inconvenient Pirate(ish) and/or Grandmother-affiliated Smoke Knight witnesses who may also be present. Tarvek is able to mostly incapacitate the Knights, and manages to defend himself against Jaron, or at least annoy the man enough that he starts torturing Tarvek instead of just killing him. This allows just enough time for Gil and Bang to appear on the scene. Jaron slightly impresses Bang by scratching her with a knife attack, but she then proceeds to give him a taste of his own medicine on the "gratuitous torture" front, casually countering his teleport-attacks and ignoring his repeated pleas/demands that she just kill him already. In the end, he is left at least technically alive, and is spirited away by the last two survivors of the Smoke Knight contingent; what they intend to do with him is not made clear.