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…and the punchline is…

The Jägershots are a series of humorous, strip-format vignettes telling Jägermonster jokes. They had been posted on the Girl Genius website, but have been removed due to site reorganization and have not, as yet, returned. Before they passed through the Sneaky Gate, Prof. Cheyenne Wright added color to some of them.

The ten strips are available (in color) at the end of the printed version of Agatha Heterodyne and the Heirs of the Storm.

Determined Jägerfen have managed to find archival copies in various places:

  1. A Goot Day to Die:
  2. Here, Drink This!:
  3. Smirking Lips
  4. Nize Hat!
  5. Garbage Detail:
  6. Dating Tips:[1]
  7. De Skulls of You Enemies: Jaegershot-tasty vun.jpg
  8. Babies!:
  9. Painting Kitties:
  10. Boot on Keister:

These added substantially to reinforce the concepts of the Jäger hat fixation, their peculiar diet and their unique interpretation of language.


  1. Not to be confused with Jägermonstern Dating Guide by ~Elyandarin which is fan art and more useful to those thinking about going out on a date with a Jäger