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This article is about the short story . For the title character, see Ivo Sharktooth.

Characters from the Girl Genius webcomic: Ivo Sharktooth and Agatha Heterodyne, shown as if in a grayscale book cover for a noir detective novel entitled The Lady and the Snail, as an illustration for the short story in comic form Ivo Sharktooth, PJ

The book cover, if there was a book

Ivo Sharktooth PJ is the name of a 36-page short story featuring Private Jager Ivo Sharktooth, and is set in the "future" in regards to the main narrative of Girl Genius, in a Mechanicsburg that has been freed from Klaus Wulfenbach's time-bubble and is under the (relative) peaceful rule of its new-ish Heterodyne, Agatha. The title of the story is given in a caption box at the bottom of the third page , which also states that, while it was written by Phil and Kaja Foglio and drawn by Phil, it was "suggested", as well as colored, by Cheyenne Wright.

Starting here , the story details Ivo's efforts to sort out the mysteries surrounding the theft of the "Golden Snail" Harvest-Festival race trophy, after he is hired to do so by Agatha and Vanamonde von Mekkan. These investigations lead to interactions with Watch Chief Drozeki, the Greenclaw family, who controls the "Court of Gears" sector of the city, and a set of eleven Heterodyne clanks called the Eleven Deadly Sins.

In the comic, this story appears near the beginning[1] of Queens and Pirates, the fifth book of The Second Journey of Agatha Heterodyne, or Girl Genius volume 18 for short. The story was published in Girl Genius:Nuts and Bolts.

Book Covers[]

Inserted into the story shortly before the ending is a full page drawing that would serve equally well as the cover of a hard-boiled, noir detective novel or film poster, if the story existed in either of those forms. It is worth noting that the title on the book cover is "The Lady and the Snail", which is different than the title given directly in the comic.

Inserted as filler art in The Exorcism Engines, the seventh book of The Second Journey of Agatha Heterodyne, or Girl Genius volume 20 for short, is the book cover/film poster for an Ivo Sharktooth story that has yet to be told, De Gurl Vho Cried Jäger, which was created by Cheyenne Wright.

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  1. Originally, before the Professors rejiggered the division of pages between volumes 17 and 18, moving eight pages from the end of 17 (Kings and Wizards) to the beginning of 18 (Queens and Pirates), this story served as part of a break between the two volumes.