Ishtvan Nyiregyhaz is one of Tweedle's houndmasters who patrols in the wintry forest surrounding The Refuge of Storms. He is called Ishtvan Drynose by his Lead Sparkhound Zogok, and also, nearly, by Tweedle.

When they see the escaping Agatha and friends fly overhead, Zogok and the rest of the pack disobey Ishtvan's orders and run off in pursuit of the fugitives. The houndmaster then meets up with Tweedle and Seffie and assists in the chase; Seffie takes his spare horse so as to not be with associated with the despised Tweedle when he catches up with Agatha. When Agatha blows her way through the boundary wall that Gil has built around Mechanicsburg, Ishtvan says that confronting the new baron's forces is too dangerous, a sentiment which earns him a brutal punch to the face from Tweedle. Tweedle rides into battle, leaving Ishtvan behind, and ending the latter man's contribution to the narrative for the present time.

Outside information[edit | edit source]

'Ishtvan' is a common transliteration of the Hungarian given name István[1]. Likewise, Nyiregyhaz is a (relatively) English-friendly conversion of a Hungarian city's name[2]. (A literal translation is roughly "church of the birches".)

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