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Girl Genius
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IOU is/was a supplement for GURPS by Elizabeth McCoy and Walter Milliken with illustrations done by the Foglios, released in 1995 six years prior to the start of Secret Blueprints. It details the eponymous Illuminati University, which is populated with all sorts of Mad Science types. (What's the "O" stand for? You're not cleared for that information!)

It features the first known appearance of Agatha Heterodyne, in a yearbook-type photo on the bottom-right of page 11. Only a portion of her surname (HETE) is visible. She's not mentioned in the text anywhere.

She also (possibly) appears on the top-right of page 21, triumphantly holding aloft a smoking test tube after surviving some sort science-related explosion.

Page 68 includes the phrase "Girl Genius" but it is used to describe a 19-year-old girl without glasses named "Swomi Tift" who is ALSO described as a Mad Scientist. She has a quirk called "wears glasses but doesn't need them".

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"Swomi Tift" is an anagram of "wit's motif" or "I, Tom Swift".