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Based on Secret Blueprints[]

The origins of House Wulfenbach likely lie in the waves of German migration to Transylvania in the 1200s and 1300s, at the behest of one of the local kings seeking mercenaries for border defense and specialty workers for economic growth. Favored over the native Romanians ("Vlachs") by the upper-class Hungarian-origin ethnic groups, the "Saxons", as they became known, were well placed for elevation to nobility.

The Wulfenbachs seem to have been a long line of Sparks, although their grant of a Barony may have been equally due to their dedication to service and stewardship (see: "Secret Blueprints, Vol. I"). They had been settled in Schloss Wulfenbach long enough for a respectable town to grow up around it, before the castle and town were destroyed in the chaos after the Other War. The lands themselves, according to the sole map accessible at this time, appear to have been on the western edge of the Transylvanian Plateau, next to the Apuseni Mountains and south of the city known in our world as Cluj-Napoca. Intriguingly, in our world, that city was once a settlement of the Saxons to whom this House belongs, named "Klausenburg".