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Though a minor house just a generation ago, House Wulfenbach now controls an empire that spans most of Europa, much to the dismay of the Fifty Families.[1] The empire was forged by the current Baron Wulfenbach, Klaus, out of the chaos and infighting that followed the Other War.

House Wulfenbach's ancestral seat was destroyed during that war,[2] relegating Klaus and his ragtag household to a vagabond's existence aboard an overgrown airship, reflecting the House's proclivity for oversized machinery .

It remains to be seen whether the decade and a half-old empire will survive its founder. Klaus only recently announced the existence of an adult heir named Gilgamesh. It is uncertain whether the boy is true born, as Klaus has not been forthcoming on the subject of his mother . One is forced to wonder whether Klaus kept the boy hidden out of fear that he could not guarantee the boy's safety. Still, the boy seems to have acquitted himself not too poorly in a recent minor engagement outside Mechanicsburg.[3] And despite the eruption of the long war following Klaus's entombment in the time bubble the empire is slowly growing again.

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If the name Wulfenbach were derived from dialectical or archaic (or both) German, it would mean "Stream of Wolves" or "Wolf Brook". The name would likely describe the historic family seat.

In our history, the area in which the Wulfenbach house thrived before the war corresponds to the land granted to German incomers in the mid-12th century by the King of Hungary. Though most were not from the historical German region of Saxony, they would become known as "Transylvanian Saxons".

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