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The Mongfish family is a lineage of Sparks and, broadly speaking, villains. They had a base in Novaya Zemlya from which they terrorized the locals, and at some point[2] got involved in the affairs of the Knights of Jove.   As one patriarch seemingly only had daughters, it appears that the family name won't be borne by new generations any time soon. The bloodline, on the other hand, has found its way into Houses Heterodyne, DuMedd, and Malfeazium.  

Family Tree[]

The Mongfish family includes:

Lucifer Mongfish
William Heterodyne (House Heterodyne)
Lucrezia Mongfish
Unknown DuMedd
Serpentina Mongfish
Unknown Malfeazium
Demonica Mongfish
Klaus Barry Heterodyne
Agatha Heterodyne
Theopholous DuMedd
Zola Malfeazium

Von Pinn is a creation that served the Mongfish family.

There is also a Dr. Mongfish in the non-Girl Genius Phil Foglio comic short story "The Heterodyne Boys".

Family History[]

At some point within what seems likely to be just the past few decades, some Mongfish family members, possibly before Lucifer, revitalized the Knights of Jove and helped them , by means of their Sparky mastery of biology, produce a viable, charismatic heir to the House of Valois and the legend of the Storm King. In the novelization, Zola noted that "they just insisted on things like arranging marriages that produced family trees with actual branches"[3]. Who exactly was involved in the conspiracy and how is yet to be revealed.

How well (so to speak) the Mongfish survived the Long War and the Other War is also yet to be detailled, other than DuMedd's comment that "I never had any family before. I mean, that wasn't dead or missing. Or a head in a jar or something."


When the comic first mentioned Zola's full name, Serpentina appeared in the voice balloon until Kaja corrected it. When it the novel first came out the novel listed Demonica as Theo's parent. Presumably this will be corrected in future additions.

Due to similar features between Z and Theo and the way things were juxtaposed, some fans have mistaken the Iron Sheik for Theo's father. He is Z's father. Theo's father is unknown to us. Presumably Serpentina knew him quite well.

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