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Hogfarb's Resplendent Immolation is a disease whose victims change colors several times and ultimately burst into flames; other victims have been known to literally melt after infection.


Its initial symptoms include sweating, fever, and delusions, as well as a number of fun happy color changes, perhaps making it somewhat mistakable for Vericus Pantelix's Chromatic Death (which sounds worse than it is, really, not at all like Hogfarb's). Apparently, when one contracts Hogfarb's, one spends some time turning blue , which is not good and sets it apart from other diseases involving technicolor dream skin. Hogfarb's is also not gangrene .

Besides the initial stage one symptoms, little is known about Hogfarb's, other than that there is a slight chance that the victim might melt instead of bursting into flames once they hit the second stage . The disease is perhaps triggered by chroma igniters invading a person's immune system, since their removal would apparently prevent the whole immolating thing. It is possible to be inoculated against Hogfarb's to some degree, but this vaccine doesn't seem to be widely available to, or perhaps even widely desired by, the general public. Under ideal conditions, treatment may require the use of Hypatia's Clove (the red kind).

Additionally, Hogfarb's does not seem to receive equal coverage in all medical classes, as Agatha had apparently never heard of either it or Chromatic Death before. Professor Fauve, of the University of Paris, however, did see fit to include it in his curriculum.

Hogfarb's Resplendent Immolation and You[]

In the process of storming Castle Heterodyne, Tarvek Sturmvoraus seems to have contracted a case of Hogfarb's. Due to a lack of proper medical supplies and equiptment, Agatha and Gil (who also contracted it) were able to save Tarvek's life with a modified Si Vales Valeo procedure .

The process was a complete success and all three were restored to perfect health (more than could be said, given the post-revivification effects). It is uncertain exactly how Tarvek was able to contract the disease in the first place, but the Castle was able to provide two theories: the Ghostmaker mice and Vipsania Heterodyne's Cabinet Of Contagion.

Although given the circumstances of how precarious his involvement with The Order and the Knights of Jove is following his capture, Tarvek has cited the possibility that him being stricken with such an exotic illness may not have been an accident . (In the novel Agatha H. and the Voice of the Castle, it is made explicit that he was shot with a poisoned dart by an unknown assailant.)


  1. Tarvek: Greyish-green
  2. Tavrek: Blue to green to yellow and starting to turn orange
  3. Tarvek: Orange to greenish blue to violet to purple
  4. Tarvek: Orange to yellow to light green
  5. Tarvek: Teal with white and pink polka dots
  6. Tarvek: Violet to purple
  7. Tarvek: Orange to yellow to light green
  8. Tarvek: Green to teal to blue to violet to purple
  9. Tarvek: Aquamarine
  10. Tarvek: Green
  11. Tarvek: Maroon
  12. Tarvek: Purple
  13. Gilgamesh, Tavrek: Greenish blue (Synchronizing)
  14. Gil, Tavrek: Green, grey-green, purple, violet
  15. Tavrek: Violet-blue, blue, green
  16. Tarvek: Yellow
  17. Tarvek: Orange-red to magenta to purple
  18. Tarvek: Violet
  19. Tarvek: Violet to light blue
  20. Gl, Tarvek: Green to yellow with white swirls to yellow-green with white swirls to light blue with white swirls
  21. Gil, Tarvek: Periwinkle with white swirls to purple with white swirls
  22. Gil, Tarvek: Violet with white swirls to purple with white swirls to magenta with white swirls to red with white swirls to orange with white swirls
  23. Gil, Tarvek: Yellow to green
  24. Gil, Tarvek: Blue
  25. Gil, Tarvek: Purple
  26. Gil, Tarvek: Greenish
  27. Gil, Tarvek: Green-blue-purple
  28. Gil, Tarvek: Purple-red-orange-green
  29. Gil, Tarvek: Green-blue
  30. Gil, Tarvek: Blue-purple
  31. Gil, Tavrek: Greenblue-blue-purple
  32. Gil, Tarvek: Green
  33. Gil, Tarvek: Blue-purple-pink
  34. Agatha: Green-blue-purple
    Gil, Tarvek: Purple-pink-orange-yellow
  35. Agatha: Purple-orange yellow
    Gil, Tarvek: Green
  36. Agatha: Yellow-green
    Gil, Tarvek: Purple-pink
  37. Agatha: Green
    Gil, Tarvek: Red-orange-yellow
  38. Agatha: Blue-purple
    Gil, Tarvek: Green
  39. Agatha: Purple-pink-yellow
    Gil, Tarvek: Blue
  40. Agatha: Yellow-green
    Gil, Tarvek: Blue-purple-pink
  41. Agatha: Green-blue-purple
    Gil, Tarvek: Pink-orange-yellow
  42. Gil, Tarvek: Yellow-green-blue
  43. Gil, Tarvek: Blue-purple
  44. Gil, Tarvek: Purple-pink-orange-yellow
  45. Agatha: Blue purple
    Gil, Tarvek: Green-blue
  46. Agatha: Purple
    Gil, Tarvek: Blue
  47. Agatha: Purple-pink, "almost flesh colored orange"
    Gil, Tarvek: Blue
  48. Agatha: Yellow-green
    Gil, Tarvek: Purple
  49. Agatha: Purple
  50. Agatha: Purple; Gil, Tarvek: Orange
  51. Agatha: Purple-pink-orange (Synchronizing)
  52. Group: Orange
  53. Agatha: Orange
  54. Agatha: Orange
  55. Agatha: Orange
  56. Agatha: Orange
  57. Agatha: "electrified" rainbow
  58. Tavrek: blue-red-"electrified" rainbow; no visible afflictions
  59. Agatha, Gil: Orange
  60. Agatha, Gil: Orange
  61. Agatha, Gil: Blue
  62. Agatha, Gil, Tarvek: "electrified" rainbow
  63. Agatha, Gil, Tarvek: Green-"electrified" rainbow
  64. Agatha; No visible afflictions
  65. Agatha; Pupil dilation and golden coloration
  66. Group; Pupil dilation and golden coloration
  67. Group; No visible afflictions

Potentially Relevant Outside Information[]

There appear to be similarities between Les Fauves and Fauvism and those afflicted by Hogfarb's.

Scholarly Debate[]