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These are matches for the words "Fraulein Snaug", "Fräulein Snaug", "Hexalina Snaug", "Snaug".

Volume IX

More of Zola's Evil Plan

Agatha Finds Gil

Mad Social Science

Smoochus Interruptus

I Love Christmas

Nanny Attack!

Get Going, Hero Boy

Elevator Madness!

Agatha Feels Green

Gil & Tarvek "Help"

The Castle REALLY Flips Out

  • 2009-12-04 (Friday) ... Tarvek, Gil; Diaz, Mittelmind; Theo, Krosp, Zeetha, Higgs, Sleipnir; von Zinzer, Snaug, Violetta; Castle prisoners (Snapper, Sanaa, R-79, Thanos, Squinaldo); Agatha; dingbots; Othar; Zola, Tiktoffen; body of Otilia(?); Carson von Mekkhan
  • 2009-12-07 (Monday) ... Agatha, Mezzasalma, Tarvek, Gil, Snaug

Volume X

What Agatha is Up To

Lucrezia Visits

Zeetha and Violetta Bond

Get Him!

Blowing a Gasket

Flirting Minions


Higgs Knows Secret Passages

Aaaah! It's Zola!

Volume XI

Theo Works in Unstable Conditions

Transferring VonPinn

Back in the Great Movement Chamber

  • 2010-12-22 (Wednesday) ... Moloch, Otilia in Tiger-dog, various dingbots, Queenie, Theo, Sleipnir, Professor Mittelmind, Fräulein Snaug

Volume XII

Repairing the Great Movement Chamber

Castle Heterodyne Releases its Prisoners

Celebrating at the Castle

Repairs in Town

Volume 2-5

The WORKS and Other Distractions

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