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This article is about a location. For the main family residence, see Castle Heterodyne. For other uses, see Heterodyne (disambiguation).

The crypt, facing the entrance

The crypt of the Heterodyne Family lies deep beneath Mechanicsburg[1], near Castle Heterodyne, and is accessed by serpentine tunnels from the Mechanicsburg cathedral.

According to Carson von Mekkhan, "The Heterodynes always come home in the end." .[2]. Presumably, this currently excludes Bill or Barry.[3]

The most recent interred Heterodyne is Klaus Barry Heterodyne, Agatha's older brother, who died as a toddler.

List of Entombed Heterodynes[]

  • at least two other children, no names visible

Possibly relevant[]

Crypt, Caligula, Judas Iscariot, Lazarus of Bethany, Mordred, Zod, Aerith and Bob.


  1. "now we're closer to the castle"
  2. Before the crypt of Iscarriot
  3. In the print novel Agatha H. and the Voice of the Castle, Carson explicitly says that Bill and Barry are not currently in the crypts, but that a place has been saved for them.
  4. The name is obscured in the text of the comic, but the name is confirmed by someone with a copy of the image without the text.