Hadrian Greenclaw is a Mechanicsburg resident who appears in the side-story Ivo Sharktooth PJ, which is set in the future relative to the main narrative of the comic. His family is one of the members of the Blood Circle, and at the start of the story his uncle Charlemagne is the familial head. Like his uncle, his hand has been replaced or at least covered with a mechanical prosthesis, although not nearly so large and elaborate of one.

He grew up as a contemporary of Vanamonde von Mekkhan.

Current(ish) Whereabouts Edit

Hadrian is away at Transylvania Polygnostic University when the Siege of Mechanicsburg occurs, and thus is not trapped inside the time-bubble which Klaus Wulfenbach erects around the city.

He successfully graduates from TPU with a degree in Mechanical Systems Analysis, and at least claims that he is present at the very memorable Parisian masquerade party which Agatha and a bunch of other notables crash.

Back Home Edit

When (somehow) the time-bubble is removed from Mechanicsburg, he returns home. He crosses paths with Ivo when the latter is hired to investigate the (oddly temporary) theft of the Golden Snail Harvest Festival race-trophy. For yes, it is revealed that Hadrian is behind said theft, not to mention the murder of his uncle and scores of other senior Blood Circle members. As part of this scheme, he uses that fancy book-learning of his to deactivate most of the Eleven Deadly Sins.

When confronted by Ivo and Vanamonde, he reveals his perhaps surprising motive for all of this: he is a loyal Agatha follower, and upon returning home, uncovers evidence of a plot by his victims to have her assassinated, on the grounds that she would be "bad for business". He tries to have Vanamonde killed as well, following the assumption that the latter man "knows everything" that happens in Mechanicsburg, and thus approves of the assassination plan. Vanamonde is forced to admit he has heard nothing about about this plot. Vanamonde and Ivo let Hadrian "get away" with his crimes, and allow him to take control of Mechanicsburg's underworld... except Ivo claims Hadrian's hat as a war-prize.