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Gilgamesh Wulfenbach's airship on the front lawn

The Great Hospital at Mechanicsburg is a paragon of modern "efficiency, hygiene and advanced medicine", run by Doctor Sun Jen-djieh. It has multiple wings to contain enough beds to serve not just Mechanicsburg, but anyone who needs its superior services. The Great Hospital was constructed by Bill and Barry Heterodyne, as a gift to the people of Mechanicsburg.[1]

Doctor Sun not only administers the hospital, but as a Spark also conducts his unorthodox but beneficial experiments in the hospital laboratories. One may extrapolate that he manages lesser Sparks performing their own projects.

Doctor Sun's clothes may or may not represent typical garb of the doctors on staff: A long labcoat with a Venus-flytrap-like symbol in red or gold on the coat lapels; a green waistcoat (same shade as the nurses) with gold piping and buttons, over a high-collared double-buttoned shirt (seemingly Europan fashion, from the number of times the similar style is seen on men) and a tall white hat not dissimilar to a bishop's miter with the red trilobite badge on the front.

The uniform for the female nursing staff consists of a pale green three-piece outfit: Ankle-length skirt with gold buttons along the left side (possible both sides), double-breasted bodice also with gold buttons with larger trilobite buttons at the cuffs of leg-of-mutton sleeves, and a folded cap with, again, a red trilobite badge center front.

Orderlies wear trousers and waistcoats of their choice, a red cap/beret with a small gold trilobite badge and a white jacket with a large red trilobite on the back.

The hospital appears to use the red coloring on their local House badge in the same manner that an equal-armed cross, Mogen David or star-and-crescent in red means non-partisan medical assistance in our world.

Baron Klaus Wulfenbach is brought here following the Battle of Sturmhalten. This results in numerous attacks on him and it during the Siege of Mechanicsburg, finally leading to the structure's being destroyed , or at least damaged so badly that Dr. Sun is forced to set up temporary treatment centers in other parts of the city.

By the time of Ivo Sharktooth PJ, the Great Hospital is being rebuilt.[2]