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Radio Play and Radio Theatre refer to a collection of tales created by Studio Foglio and set in the Girl Genius universe. They are not considered canon, though they contained (at least as of the time of their creation) possible spoilers for the main narrative; more to the point, they are to be considered stories that people tell about Agatha. When these "plays" may fit relative to the dates that the main narrative has now covered is uncertain.

List of Radio Plays[]

The radio plays have appeared in various formats. Originally, they were performed live by minions of Studio Foglio at various conventions. While the plays were not actually broadcast, some were recorded and are now available as podcasts[9]. One early play (Revenge of the Weasel Queen) was not recorded when originally performed. Efforts to reunite the voice actors for a recording session proved unsuccessful, so the tale was re-told as a short story in the same comic format as the main narrative.[10] As with most scholarship from the Department of Almost Certainly True History, there is little guarantee that the two versions entirely agree.

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Sources for the Plays[]

See also the Girl Genius web site.

Voice Acting[]

A list of the artists of the Airship Entertainment Galvanic Players[11]:

  • Norwescon 28 (2005)
    • Minor Heroes
    • The Sleepy Clank
      • Cheyenne Wright as Announcer; Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer
      • Kaja Foglio as Agatha Heterodyne
      • Phil Foglio as Krosp, the Emperor of All Cats; The Clank; The Mayor
      • Savannah Goodwin as Zeetha, Daughter of Chump, Mistress of the Twin Blades of Destruction; Jenka the Jägermonster
(Notes: Introduction of Zeetha's Skifandrian Duelling Hammers and the kata of ball-peen and claw. The late Dr. Donowitz is referred to in The Sleepy Clank and has the same surname as one of the Baron's students. Iscarriot Heterodyne is referred to as Agatha's "great-great-great-grandfather".)

  • Kumoricon 2008 (Introduction):
    • Revenge of the Weasel Queen
      • Katrina Jenness as Zeetha, Lost Princess of the Lost City of Skifander; Innocent Villager, Giant Rabbit
      • Tyson VanOver as Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer; Innocent Villager, Giant Rabbit, Zoggletonk Mayor
      • Genevieve "Maxim" Gauss as Ferretina the Weasel Queen, Innocent Villager, Giant Rabbit
      • Phil Foglio as Sound Effects, Jorf Oxclonker, Fashion Clank, Innocent Villager, Giant Rabbit
      • Kaja Foglio as Agatha Heterodyne, Innocent Villager, Giant Rabbit
      • Annalee Foster as Krosp I, Emperor of All Cats; Innocent Villager, Giant Rabbit
      • Brooke "Agatha" Wolfson as Announcer, Innocent Villager, Giant Rabbit
      • Molly "Gkika" Hill as All The Lapinemoths With Lines, Innocent Villager, Giant Rabbit
    • Deathwish DuPree
      • Katrina Jenness as Zeetha, Lost Princess of the Lost City of Skifander;
      • Tyson VanOver as Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer;
      • Genevieve "Maxim" Gauss as Wilhelmina von Trappclapp, Pirate Crewperson
      • Phil Foglio as Von Trappclapp Butler; Deathwish DuPree, Scourge of the Airways; Random Pirate
      • Kaja Foglio as Agatha Heterodyne
      • Annalee Foster as Krosp I, Emperor of All Cats;
      • Brooke "Agatha" Wolfson as Announcer
      • Molly "Gkika" Hill as Remnants of an Evil Empire, Capt. Thunderhead Blitzen (Used Airship Salesperson)
      • Audience as Pirate Crew
(Notes: Deathwish is introduced as Bangladesh DuPree's older brother of whom she is heartily ashamed. Novels referenced: Agatha Heterodyne and the Little Engine That Shouldn't, Agatha Heterodyne and the Steam-Powered Stud Finder, Deathwish DuPree and the Sorcerous [Sibilant Something])


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