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Spoilers are not permitted on the Girl Genius Wiki. However, the term spoilers has a somewhat specialized meaning on this wiki, so please read the rest of this article.

What is a spoiler?[]

Any information from unreleased pages constitutes a spoiler, where "unreleased pages" means any pages of the comic that have not been posted to the official Girl Genius website.

See also the definition of spoiler on Wikipedia. This includes divulging identifying information such as characters or locations as well as plot points.

When can I start posting?[]

Early postings about pages of the comic will be "rolled back" and may lead to a user being banned.

For the purposes of this wiki, "early" means before the latest page of the comic is posted to the "official" URL for the current page of Girl Genius comic website, which is given below:

For the last few years (as of January 2023), this has happened very regularly at midnight Eastern Time every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Since the Foglios live in Seattle, Washington, in the Pacific Time Zone, this means that they [1] are actually posting the pages at 9 pm every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, according to their local time zone. Occasionally, the page is posted later than this. (Several years ago, there was a period when the new page of the comic was posted considerably later than this most of the time.) And, very occasionally, the comic is posted to the official web page early, most often when the Foglios are about to do some traveling.

To avoid catching regular Girl Genius readers off guard (since they may be waiting until midnight before they even look for a new Girl Genius page), do not post any updates to the this wiki referring to any information from the latest page of the comic until 12:01 am Eastern Time, even if the page is posted early to the official URL. After that time, any page on this wiki can be updated immediately, or as soon as the new page comes out, if it is posted late. If the latest page of the comic is available early, it is permissible to mention that fact on the current discussion page of the wiki, but not on any other page. And no details about the early page can be given beyond the bare fact of its existence and where it may be found.

It's assumed that all active contributors to the wiki are aware of when the comic updates, and that regular wiki editors will take measures to ensure that they have read the latest comic before coming here. It is also assumed that spoilers are not an issue for new readers, as they will know to avoid a wiki before becoming familiar with the comic.

Girl Genius is sometimes posted early on the Girl Genius Patreon site, but most posts to that site are behind a paywall and many people will not have access to them. And sometimes pages are available early through the Sneaky Gate, but many readers either don't know about the Sneaky Gate or don't care to go to the trouble of using it. Therefore, wiki editors who do have access to either or both of these sources should refrain from posting anything before the comic is officially up at the main site.


  1. Kaja Foglio is the one who almost always takes care of the update.