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Girl Genius

Not all speculation belongs in the main articles. If the wiki is to be at all useful to new readers, articles in the main namespace should be written in an encyclopedia format; straight-forward, informative, concise, and free of bias.

Mad theories[]

One of the best things about being a fan of Girl Genius is the exchange of mad theories with other diehard fans, so speculation of any kind is welcomed and encouraged here. For your safety and ours, please keep all hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times and contain all mad theories in formaldehyde-filled jars one of the following places:

  • Fan Theories Forum: This is the best place to post speculation if you would like others to comment.
  • Mad pages: Sometimes a certain subject will invite a great deal of speculation, and so they have a companion article called a mad page. Ideally, mad pages will contain all major fan theories and links to discussions on that subject.
  • User blogs or user pages: Users are also able to create entries under their own user space. This is ideal for articles over which you would like to retain creative control.

Reasonable speculation[]

Very reasonable speculation may be included within the body of an article if such statements are appropriately phrased and qualified. Take care not to make assumptions about what is "reasonable", however, as the source material for this wiki often throws curveballs.

For an excellent example of reasonable speculation within a main article, see Zeetha, Daughter of Chump, especially the section on her relation to House Wulfenbach.


Trivia is not speculation and should be included in the main article under its own subsection (frequently listed as Outside world or Possibly relevant outside information). Trivia may include such things as the etymology of a character's name, in-jokes, obvious sources of inspiration, or commentary by the creators.


Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, the corresponding talk page, and the mad page, have been set up as examples. Together, they illustrate how to separate fact from speculation and fanon. These pages also provide examples of how to use some of the templates, such as theory policy, theory support, and occasionally Cleanup-mad.

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