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Girl Genius

The professors occasionally give interviews, AMAs, etc. They answer questions.

At these events, some questions asked might be of a personal nature, like "How are the Experiments doing?" Some questions might involve other real-world happenings, like "Do you have leads on a new T-shirt designer?" These are not of much interest to the wiki. (Some, but not much, especially given their ephemeral nature. Anything the professors wanted us to know on this front would probably be announced.)

Some questions might involve issues the professors would probably consider spoilers, like "Is the plan still to travel to Africa?"; "Where is Skifander, anyway?"; "Who is Agatha going to pick, Gil, Tarvek, both, or neither?". These questions are hardly worth asking. (Especially if the Professoressa is present. One might get spoilery artwork out of the Professor.)

Some questions might be completely irrelevant to the plot. The prototype here is, "What color is Yoda's blood?" There might even be questions to which they don't really want to admit the true answer, like "What's the deal with cheese?"

But finally, there are questions on the wiki that are relevant to the plot but are probably not spoilers. It's simply the case that there are some things that have already happened which have left us uncertain and, this wiki being what it is, have created a lot of perhaps needless speculation and equivocation.

This is a list of those questions for the next time. When answers are obtained, update the relevant pages and then items may be deleted.

Also, there are articles for which we are unsure about an important character's appearance.

See Also[]

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  1. I think the Foglios won't say what a vozzler does because they have no idea. It's just something they made up for fun, like the thing on Maxim's right arm. And now they're enjoying themselves too much teasing their readers with it to spoil the fun. There is also a tiny chance that it may figure into the plot later, so they won't talk about it because it would be a spoiler.