Girl Genius
Girl Genius
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This document was not written by a lawyer, so no statements here should be considered to have any kind of legal authority. This is all simply (hopefully) just common sense.


Girl Genius and all its characters and indicia are property of Studio Foglio. Images from the comic are also property of Studio Foglio/Airship Entertainment. We hope any images used on this site fall under ordinary rules for fair use and we make no claims on them. Any or all images hosted here will be removed immediately if the artists or owners object in any way.

That said, please limit the use of images. Provide links back to the comic in lieu of images whenever possible. Do not scan and upload anything, as that may be edging us out of "fair use" territory and into the realm of copyright violation.


Please credit all quotes and material obtained from another source. Provide links back to original sources whenever possible. Absolutely do not copy anything whole and complete from any source, even if it's credited.

A note to would-be villains[]

As we are dealing with copyrighted material, by contributing to this wiki you agree not to sell or distribute this material, whether profits are involved or not, or do anything else sneaky that would put our favorite artists, or nice fans who help out with the wiki, through anything like what Ms. Rowling has had to go through with the Lexicon. Please note that copyrighted material is explicitly not released under the GFDL. Any villains popping up here will quickly find their arch-nemesises... nemesisses... nemeses angry mobs with torches.

Not covered here[]

For any other questions, please use the doc on Wikia Copyrights as a guideline.