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Girl Genius

Citing sources[]

In articles, statements should be cited where possible. Some sources to use:

These templates all provide normal text links. See each template for the correct syntax.

Alternatively, interwiki links can be used, in particular for:

  • Wikipedia
  • Wiktionary

For example, saving a page with [[wiktionary:example|]] will appear as example and the next time it is edited as [[wiktionary:example|example]].

Inline citations[]

To use these inline citations, include {{works}}, {{sb}}, or {{ggclae}} following the statement you wish to source.

Citation needed[]

Using Template:Fact:

If you find a statement that needs a citation but can’t immediately find a suitable source, add the tag {{fact}} immediately after.

Using Template:Mad:

For speculative, unsourced statements, tag it with {{mad}}.