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In Agatha's Europa, just mapping your route to the corner store can be fraught with peril, thus, geography is far from an exact science. Indeed, in the Girl Genius print novels, the Professors Foglio bemoan how impossible it is to pin down details about this sort of thing when documenting Agatha's life and career. Nevertheless, a few scraps have leaked out over the years.


The strip has to date shown three globes of The Known World, all of them in England. As shown by the included image, none of them really agree with each other. Whether this is a plot point or (ahem) Phil being a little sloppy with the minor details remains to be seen.

Additionally, at the start of the Revenge of the Weasel-Queen side-story, we see an actual depiction of Girl-Genius Earth from space, but no real details can be made out.


A map that depicts the version of the European continent in the Girl Genius universe, known as Europa, to illustrate the similarities and differences between Europe in the real world and Europa. See the article for a description. A portrait of Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, the tyrant of a good part of Europa, is shown to the right of the map. The entire map and the portrait are depicted in sepia tones.

Map legend: Being a Cartographic Representation of Europa Wulfenbach and Environs

No maps have ever been posted in-comic. The Foglios did release a real-life map of Europa that can/could be purchased by fans. Drawn by an official Wulfenbach cartographer, it shows a continent which is pretty much like the one in our universe, with a couple of notable exceptions- England and Ireland are of course sinking, and Iceland may be suffering a similar fate. Oslo meanwhile has been replaced with a crater. There are reports from Official Sources that a new updated map may be released at some point.

In-Universe Experts[]

In one of the print-novels, Orotine the Muse of Geometry is reported to be an expert at drawing battlemaps.

Relevant Points of Interest[]

Bits of the Europan-adjacent landscape whose study by fans of the Lady Heterodyne may be beneficial include: