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One of the oldest Jägers (if not THE oldest ), General Zog is able to see a larger picture than the average Jägermonster.


He wears a pink fez-like hat with four diamonds on its front (like the card suit, not actual gems.) He also seems to wear furry pants. Or not; see the Discussion tab. Zog's main weapons are throwing spears. He is also seen on fighting with his bare hands on Castle Wulfenbach.

If some Jägers are more fond of bugs than others, Zog would check in at the higher end of the scale.[2] Zog also appears to have been a bit of a ladies Jäger and his Castle Wuflenbach quarters are decorated with various risque images and figures of nude or nearly nude women (more so in the novel Agatha H. and the Airship City than in the comic.) General Khrizhan apologizes for Zog's inability to show the dignity of his age and office by letting it interfere with his fantasy life. Zog, of course, disagrees.[3]

In the Comic[]

He first appears in the story aboard Castle Wulfenbach, serving as a leader of the Jägermonsters along with Generals Khrizhan and Goomblast.

Zog knows from the smell of Agatha's clothing that she is a Heterodyne (it having been diverted to the Jäger Generals for that purpose). When Agatha is invited over for tea, he again shows his above-detailed interest when he tries not-so-subtly to scope out the possibility of a Heterodyne/Wulfenbach romantic alliance, for which he is shouted down by Khrizhan, with Goomblast shooing Agatha out and then entering the fray.

With Agatha's eventual arrival in Mechanicsburg and publicly assuming her official office as Heterodyne, he decamps along with the rest of the Jägermonsters to the city. With (most of) the other generals, he meets with Tarvek for a strategy meeting, and then assists in defending the defecting Vespiary Squad from Wulfenbach attackers.

He is trapped in the city when the Baron deploys his Take-Five bomb, leaving Dimo to become a temporary(?) replacement.

In the Novels[]

In the print novels, it is indicated more explicitly that the various Generals have areas of expertise, to the point that when it is decided that Agatha is going to war against the Baron (and all the others who turn up during the Siege of Mechanicsburg), the more diplomatic and people-oriented Khirzhan formally turns over leadership of the Jägers to the warrior Zog.


  1. Assumes that this is how long ago Vlad "The Blasphemous" Heterodyne brewed the Jägerbräu and Zog was the first to drink, as shown in the text.
  2. “What? No bogs?”
  3. "Dose are memories, Alexi, un don hyu forget it!" Agatha H and the Airship City