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General Alexi Khrizhan is Big Enchilada of the Jägermonsters aboard Castle Wulfenbach. He's one of the less human-looking of the Jägers, with a prominent set of tusks that make him look half-human, half-warthog. This is a guy who could really use a good orthodontist. Khrizhan is also, with the exception of Maxim for a brief period, the only Jäger who does not wear a hat.

Khrizhan is one of the troika of Jäger generals who run things Jägerish aboard the Castle, along with his fellow Jägergenerals, Zog and Goomblast. In his first appearance , he seems rather startled, which is not unreasonable considering that Gil and Agatha have just bashed through his window in Gil's flyer, but then seems to take things in stride. He takes a rather familiar and unceremonious attitude with Gil (even though Gil is nominally his "master"), but realizes that Agatha smells ... very nize ... -- the significance of which isn't clear immediately, but just wait.

Shortly after this accident, Khrizhan invites Agatha for some tea and conversation, and she gets to meet Zog and Goomblast. They concur with his observation: Agatha doesn't just smell "nice," she smells like a Heterodyne. This produces some speculation about Heterodyne mores, but there's no getting around the conclusion that this "Agatha Clay" is somebody they really need to take care of.

After this little encounter the Jägergenerals retreat to a more behind-the-scenes role, but they are still there ... watching. Maxim's flashback explains that Khrizhan, Zog and Goomblast have set him (and Dimo and Oggie) scouring the world for a Heterodyne, and lo and behold, when they finally find the same one who'd crashed Khrizhan's window, the rest of the story happens.

Gilgamesh Wulfenbach ends up with an old outfit of the General's from Mamma Gkika's . Apparently he left there rather quickly, and this may be where his hat is.

Khrizhan participates in the Siege of Mechanicsburg under the banner of their new lady, Agatha Heterodyne, and directly takes part in a mission to rescue survivors of a crashed Vespiary Squad airship , single-handedly destroying a retreating enemy airship that had attacked the Vespiary Squad (after making sure it wasn't cheating to use their own weapons while they were in the air and fleeing).

At present, he is trapped in Mechanicsburg by the Take five Bomb.

No Hat?[]

General Khrizhan has never been seen with a Hat. Given the Jaegers' obsession with haberdashery, this is mysterious. This lack is specially noted by Tarvek in a scene in Mechanicsburg where Khrizhan and the other generals make Krosp wear a rather silly hat while meeting with them.

The Novels[]

The version of Khrizhan who appears in the Girl Genius print novels follows the comics depiction fairly closely. When presented with "Agatha's" charred corpse, instead of quietly leaving as in the comic, he is the one to initiate a loud violently theatrical "THE HETERODYNE IS DEAD!!" brawl to throw Klaus off the scent. It is noted in a later novel that the boredom-killing Jäger-hobby he pursues is the study and manipulation of people.

Possibly relevant outside information[]

Mariann Krizsan is a personal friend of the Foglios, approximately the same age as Kaja. She immigrated from Hungary in 1979. According to the link, she is the wife of Professor Vogel.