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This page collects all "Mad" theories about Geisterspeak.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

It would be interesting to explore the phonology.

Translations[edit | edit source]

This section attempts to provide a Geisterspeak/English "dictionary". All suggested translations are included below, even mutually incompatible ones, until a clear consensus emerges.

Geisterspeak Lingua Europa References
(none) actor IV/78 , V/72 , Act 2/4/11 They may not have a word for "actor" if they have to use the lingua europa for it.
Ag-atta Agatha Act 2/4/11
akaplee find Act 2/4/20 After the death of her giant spider, Bwoosee, Eotain tells her new mount, Pojee, to "Akaplee Shrdlu!"
bweesquip spider mound name Act 2/4/20
bin ? IV/78
blegit ? Act 2/4/17
bo yes, good IV/78 , Act 2/4/11 Shurdlu confirms a statement made by Eotain using this word.
boh Act 2/4/20 Possibly the same as "bo." After the death of her giant spider, Bwoosee, Eotain cries out "Ni boh! Ni boh yuffo sweg!"
boomchakalakka ? Act 2/4/17
botcha ? IV/78
Bwoosee Name of spider mount Act 2/4/20
cheeb 1: clown; circus

2: think; believe

3: Child

IV/78 , V/71 , V/72 The word comes up when the Geisterdamen think Agatha is the child and then again when they realize that they were wrong and that she's an actress
chek voy 1: hang on

2: we will avenge you

Act 2/4/22 After Shurdlu is hit by a poison dart, the other Geisterdamen shout "Chek voy, Shurdlu!" as they shake their weapons in the air.
chogga- ? Act 2/4/19
eve and IV/78 The Geisterdamen appear to describe Agatha and Lars as "Za niktik eve za gwoon" when they meet them in the forest, possibly meaning "the girl and the boy."
fig think, figure, suppose? IV/77 , V/72 - it sounds similar, but fits nicely. "su fig" would be simply "You think?". "na fig" might be "he thinks."
fleepin (expletive) IV/78 Said, apparently in disgust, about the "actors" as the Geisterdamen were leaving Agatha and Lars.
flooda ? IV/78
gwoon boy IV/78 The Geisterdamen appear to describe Agatha and Lars as "Za niktik eve za gwoon" when they meet them in the forest, possibly meaning "the girl and the boy."
ha! Just seems to be laughing Act 2/4/17
hey ? IV/78 , Act 2/4/17
hic why IV/78 One of the Geisterdamen asks "Hic moc?" and apparently means "Why not?"
hif ni 1a: let's go; onwards; go on 1b:let´s move on; get out of the way IV/78 , V/72 Expletive/challenge, battle-cry. When the Geisterdamen on spiders turn away from Agatha and Lars, one of Eotain and Shurdlu to the other; same on another occasion. A Geister to Ognian in combat. In the contexts provided, may mean "let´s move on" and "get out of the way", respectively.
hipple ? Act 2/4/20
hlag! Alas! Act 2/4/20
ho! Yay!? Woohoo?
hoh Oh Act 2/4/18
hokka what Used both as an interjection of some sort of surprise and again immediately afterwards as the leading word of a phrase in reaction to something.
hooga ? Act 2/4/12
hup! Up/jump? Act 2/4/17
joy ? Act 2/4/20
lim, vakk Two names? V/82 - it looks as if Vrin is merely calling two names instead of giving a command. Two sentences, one word each.
kima (kimaaaaa) cute Exclamation from Eotain or Shurdlu on examining Dingbot Prime ; her sister is less impressed. Analagous to the Japanese kawaii.
klazma lady, high priestess V/71 , VI/59 The other Geisterdamen address Lady Vrin as "Klazma Vrin."
klibber ? IV/78
kliz ? IV/78
medok enough; knock it off V/72 Vrin stops some nattering by Eotain and Shurdlu.
meenak ? IV/78
Mek ? Act 2/4/17
moc not IV/78 "Hic moc?!" may mean "Why not?!"
mota ? Act 2/4/20
moy ? Act 2/4/20
nef ? Act 2/4/12
na he V/72 - IF it's an article, the third bubble from Vrin might be translated as "He (Aaronev) thinks she (Agatha) is the child/the mistress/whatever".
naga ? Act 2/4/20
neeee! ahhh/eep!? Help? Act 2/4/19
ni 1: onwards; forwards

2: do it (imperative)


1: no

2: don't

IV/78 Derived from hif ni and tokka-ni.
nibo 1: an expletive

2: all right; okay

3: not alright; not okay

V/72 A Geisterdame says this when another smacks her on the back of the head.
nikka ? Act 2/4/15
niktik girl IV/78 , V/72 The Geisterdamen appear to describe Agatha and Lars as "Za niktik eve za gwoon" when they meet them in the forest, possibly meaning "the girl and the boy." They use the word "niktik" again when they recognize Agatha in the dungeon.
nobla tif greetings; good evening V/72 Lady Vrin uses the phrase to greet the other Geisterdamen.
nodok ? IV/78
Nya/nyaaaa No/nooo Act 2/4/20
obongs wagons (?) IV/78 Part of the evidence listed by one of the Geisterdamen to explain why she thinks Agatha and Lars are actors.
obuk voppel? V/71 Question asked when Klazma Vrin shows up in the dungeon with Agatha.
plaget ? Act 2/4/12
plostok IV/78
Razza-frazza ? Act 2/4/20
Rezzok tig-zaffa or Rezzoktig-zaffa "Mutual brain death" X/074 Zola uses this phrase when Lucrezia talks about a brain transfer.
seg ? some sort of article? pronoun? IV/78 , V/72
Sekka ? Act 2/4/17
set ve? ? IV/78
shok- ? Act 2/4/17
skee ? Act 2/4/15
Skifander Skifander Act 2/4/18
slimerrekka ? Act 2/4/20
smagga du bokk an expletive Exclaimed by Velix after hearing some unwelcome news . The first word might be a variant of smanga, perhaps the imperative.
smanga mangle; smash; destroy
smeela ? Act 2/4/11
sneb ? Act 2/4/12
sona sister V/72 Vrin addresses Eotain and Shurdlu (separately) with this prefix when reunited with them in the dungeons.
su you IV/77
t'cha Act 2/4/21
teg niv negative (or "I can't see," "I can't tell") VI/35 Said in response to a question.
tik machine; clock; mechanism Derived from tik tik. Probably first was used, by onomatopoeia, to refer to a clock, then by extension to any complicated mechanism.
tik tik 1: clank; automaton 2: clock; mechanism Vrin referring to Tinka. Can be applied to an automaton such as Tinka, but can be suspected not to be an accurate or specific term for automata or clanks.
tikka 1: Construct 2: borg A Geister referring to Anevka Sturmvoraus.
tokka attack Act 2/4/17
tokkah strike; attack Derived from tokkah-ni; compare Skiff "tok"
tokkah-ni (battle-cry)
twerlik mistress (a name or title of the "holy child" sought by the geisterdamen) IV/77 , IV/78 , Act 2/4/11 - possible dialogue on first page: "Mistress?" "You think?", which second page would continue with Geisterdame 1 explaining that it's not the Mistress and the people are only actors.
unat plin "holy child"(?) V/72 A Geisterdame points towards Agatha repeating "unat plin?" as if to clarify that she(Agatha) is supposed to be ???
vedik ? IV/78 One of the crucial words when the Geisterdamen come across Lars and Agatha in the meadow.
veska ? Act 2/4/20
vo (definite article) Voco, voca, volla appear to modify cheeb in tense or plural.
voca 1: that (past tense)

2: I do

V/72 One of the Geisterdamen exclaims "Ya! Voca cheeb!"
voco 1: that (present tense)

2: do you

IV/78 One of the Geisterdamen asks another "Zo - voco cheeb?"
vok the (?)  Used in the context of "Hokka? Hokka vok smek!", "hokka" being "what" and "smek" being a curse or a reference to the Jaeger version of the word "smack".
volla 1: those (past tense)

2: would you

V/71 Used with cheeb by the Geisterdamen in the dungeon.
voppel ?
wok ? Act 2/4/11
yan ? IV/78
za the (?)/that (?) 

IV/78 , V/71 Sentences like "Za niktik eve za gwoon" make it sound like the translation of "za" must be "the." But "za!" is also used as a standalone exclamation, which wouldn't make sense with that definition. "That" would make more sense as it could mean "that (thing/person)" with the subject of the exclamation being implied by the context. As "zo" seems to mean "her"  something like "ze" could mean "him".

zadabang ? Act 2/4/11
zeet? ? Act 2/4/17
zekka ? Act 2/4/11
zenga! ? V/71 The word is used as an exclamation when Agatha goes into the dungeon.
zo 1: she/her

2: the

IV/78 , V/72 , V/81 When Shurdlu (?) jerks her thumb in Agatha's direction and says "Zo?" she seems to be clearly asking "Her?" about Agatha. If the language has male & female nouns, za and zo may be the male and female forms of the definite article ("the").
zodeh ? Act 2/4/21 Spoken by Shurdlu right after she strikes down Zeetha.
zoy! oy!; hey!; look! V/72 Eotain and Shurdlu interject this on occasion, particularly when they notice Agatha.

Possibly Relevant Outside Information[edit | edit source]

The names Eotain and Shurdlu are derived from etaoin shrdlu, the letters on the first two columns of a Linotype machine keyboard.

The word "vocca" appears here, in a page from the comic "What's New with Phil and Dixie" apparently with the meaning "attacks".

A suggested translation[edit | edit source]

The scene: Agatha and Lars were acting out a scene from the Heterodyne Boys when the Spider Riders show up:

Rej¿¤¤? listens with an ear for languages and just channels what he is hearing:

Lars: Say, you're pretty good! Agatha: Really? I never... I mean... so that's acting? Agatha: Lars? Lars: (whisper) shhhhh! Lars: (whisper) geisterdamen.

Rider 1: Twerlik?


Rider 2: Su Fig?

You figure?

Rider 1: Klibber meenak seg ni plostok vedik kliz moc twerlic?

.... very much sounds like mistress?

Rider 2: Zo-- zo flooda vedik.

Yeah yeah greatly like.

Rider 1: Botcha hey za vedik moc, nodok.

Betcha what they very sound like, no doubt.

(we don't see which riders are saying what in the next scene)

Rider 1?: Za niktik eve za gwoon.

They're nothing even close they're goons.

Rider 2?: Hic moc?

What you say?

Rider 2: Zo-- voco cheeb? Kloopa. Obongs. Set ve? Za "Actors."

So-- your child? Clowns. Buffoons. See them. They're actors.

Rider 1: "Actors?!"

Rider 1: Woge-ze fleepin bo "actors," bin?

What the hey. Fleepin' both actors are they?

Rider 2: Yan doh ip za cheeb.

Far from being the child.

Rider 1: Hif ni!

Let's be going.
People who support this theory: Rej¿¤¤?

See also[edit | edit source]

It has been suggested Geisterspeak and Skiff may be the same language or closely related languages.

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