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Appearances pages (cont'd)03:06, July 2, 2020Zarchne
Is it Skifandran or Skifandrian?14:40, July 1, 2020Argadi
Programming and automation of the wiki20:26, June 30, 2020Zarchne
"Disambiguation"00:56, June 19, 2020Zarchne
How to deal with new volume numbering scheme in the Chronology and elsewhere on this wiki18:40, June 18, 2020Zarchne
Should we use the new Discussions feature?18:11, June 18, 2020Zarchne
Administrivia04:43, June 11, 2020Zarchne
NEW PAPERBACK ON AMAZON18:42, June 19, 2019Bosda Di'Chi
Anyone played Girl Genius in a tabletop RPG?01:53, January 16, 2019Wizardblizzard1
Tympanus Heterodyne13:23, August 23, 2018Bosda Di'Chi
The Works Images Request17:28, July 11, 2018Bosda Di'Chi
New "title" catergories02:11, July 4, 2018WilliamAnsley
Baron Wulfenbach vs Lord Vetinari, who wins?17:49, March 5, 2018Wizardblizzard1
Proposal to rename "Captain Vole" page03:56, February 23, 2018WilliamAnsley
Forum Bugs22:47, February 20, 2018WilliamAnsley
How do I follow a page?00:30, December 29, 2017Wizardblizzard1
Lars 3, Tarvek 4?00:00, December 18, 2017Bkharvey
Rossum's Universal Mechanical Men19:29, November 27, 2017Bosda Di'Chi
Swartzwalders --Rubbish17:49, October 23, 2017Bosda Di'Chi
Names for article subsections?03:29, June 18, 2016WilliamAnsley
Mad about you.00:26, May 15, 2016Zarchne
Discussion of New Infoboxes23:11, October 28, 2015CyberSkull
Major Characters category: Should it be revived?02:18, August 4, 2015WilliamAnsley
Combining the publication information19:37, January 22, 2015WilliamAnsley
WE ARE BEING RIPPED OFF!10:44, September 1, 2014Argadi
HELP! Lost a wallpaper22:17, May 22, 2014Bosda Di'Chi
MusicBrainz17:16, January 8, 2014CyberSkull
Changing the GG link symbol00:46, June 28, 2013Argadi
Slaver wasps 320 years ago21:52, February 17, 2013Svesjo
What makes a villain a villain?20:28, February 4, 2013HeterodyneGirl
What makes a minion a minion?20:26, February 4, 2013HeterodyneGirl
Any thoughts on Wikia Alliances21:34, February 1, 2013WilliamAnsley
Live Journal: Chekhov's Armory11:23, August 30, 2012Argadi
GG Shout out in Dark Heresy?23:43, August 29, 2012RoderickE
Girl Genius Military vs Modern RL US Military. Do or Die: Who Wins?06:06, August 21, 201271.209.254.145
Need Help Making an RPG21:49, August 20, 2012Finn MacCool
Collecting Foglio interview questions15:02, August 2, 2012117.193.118.29
Motto: "Jubilaro quia absurdum est"?19:25, July 26, 2012Zarchne
List of proposed motifs21:14, February 15, 2012Bosda Di'Chi
Girl Genius needs its own Animated Series23:12, January 26, 2012Finn MacCool
Should we have a contest?06:20, December 14, 2011Rej Maddog
Offer of design assistance08:14, November 15, 2011Rej Maddog
Copy Of Secret Blueprints Available on Amazon12:24, September 13, 2011Bosda Di'Chi
Bill & Barry's Mother--article?18:27, September 12, 2011Bosda Di'Chi
Mad pages? Should we change the rules?00:58, June 4, 2011Rej Maddog
Help on Wiki design00:16, May 5, 2011Argadi
Who would play who in Girl Genius anime19:42, March 31, 2011Rej Maddog
New Wikia Format06:19, March 20, 201170.19.131.94
Organization and Navigation of this wiki23:19, March 13, 2011Argadi
Retcon23:05, January 22, 2011Rej Maddog
External Chronology Backlog00:14, January 12, 2011Rej Maddog
External Sponsor Links20:43, December 5, 2010Undomelin
Editing other people's comments04:59, August 23, 2010Rej Maddog
Proposal:Changes to help wiki editing and navigation09:16, July 9, 2010Argadi
Naming main articles for female characters14:28, July 7, 2010Nfgusedautoparts
Sarah Manley/Community Contest02:05, June 18, 2010Rej Maddog
Move Open Questions to Q&A?08:41, May 25, 2010Argadi
Referendum: Move the Wiki07:33, April 23, 2010Rej Maddog
Is "general discussion about the comic" allowed in the forums?02:43, March 10, 2010EverythingGoesBoom!
Help Wanted - Mad Pages00:00, February 28, 2010Rej Maddog
Agatha in Blue14:12, November 6, 2009Bosda Di'Chi
Zola what's-her-name19:20, October 24, 2009Quadibloc
Infobox template preloads20:57, October 21, 2009Rej Maddog
Poll: Dinner with a character13:39, October 1, 2009Bosda Di'Chi
Building concensus for a move04:55, September 30, 200998.88.86.209
OT Forums02:33, September 17, 2009Rej Maddog
Categories00:11, September 8, 2009Quadibloc
Moving forward: GG Wiki ad policy21:40, September 1, 200968.239.45.65
Fed up!02:35, September 1, 2009Rej Maddog
Whats acceptable ad policy?20:34, August 31, 2009Corgi
Wild Jägers01:27, August 25, 2009Axisor
Hugo!15:40, August 19, 2009Mnenyver
GG reminds me of 'Les Contes d'Hoffmann'05:26, August 13, 2009Mnenyver
WE CAN HAZ MIMMOTHS!15:33, August 10, 2009199.46.198.232
Slightly Obsessed18:04, July 22, 2009WTarrasque
Quantcast stats16:03, July 22, 2009Mnenyver
Help Wanted - Open Questions02:31, July 18, 2009Mnenyver
Most Recent Appearance23:40, July 11, 2009Rej Maddog
Transdimensional harmonics?00:36, July 4, 2009Corgi
Moxana scoreboard?05:58, July 1, 2009Corgi
'Reverse' shoutouts05:54, July 1, 2009Corgi
'Fake' brackets15:24, June 30, 2009Corgi
Wizard of Oz--a la GG15:20, June 30, 2009Corgi
Renaming Proposals19:30, June 22, 2009Zarchne
'Agatha is a scary girl'20:32, June 17, 2009Argadi
Name for Agatha's world/timeline/whatever?23:06, June 6, 2009Quadibloc
New: Regular Maintenance00:38, June 2, 2009Mnenyver
Please test polls15:19, June 1, 2009Axisor
Really unhappy with front page ads22:32, May 25, 2009CatherineMunro
What goes on a main subject page03:33, April 20, 2009Corgi
Do we ''really'' need a page for (X)?12:25, April 19, 2009Rancke
Link templates02:45, April 16, 2009Corgi
Zulenna Luzhakna's status00:12, March 19, 2009Mnenyver
How long do we wait to delete?16:53, March 17, 2009Quadibloc
Ref. to adult material on the wiki?06:31, March 15, 2009Zarchne
How can we mention TV Tropes?04:20, March 15, 2009Zarchne
What source do we use for page numbers?16:11, March 10, 2009Argadi
What is the most difficult bit of "suspension of disbelief" in the story?03:31, March 1, 2009Zarchne
New template: Cleanup05:37, February 19, 2009DryBrook
What is consensus?03:39, February 13, 2009Zarchne
An article for reader recommended comics?16:49, February 4, 2009Mnenyver
On break03:22, December 26, 2008Graybeard
You know you do too much wiki editing when...01:19, December 11, 2008Quadibloc
My mad plans06:16, December 10, 2008Quadibloc
Image:Trilobyte.jpg16:15, December 1, 2008Mnenyver
Scientific concepts unique to GG19:01, November 29, 2008Zarchne
Should we envourage voting?19:18, November 28, 2008Zarchne
Clank Policy05:18, November 26, 2008Zarchne
We should add “Mad” as a navigation tab00:48, November 23, 2008Mnenyver
400 articles!11:01, November 22, 2008Ordinary
What should The book names be?18:54, November 21, 2008Mnenyver
Cast list contains spoilers?11:11, November 12, 2008Zarchne
New site design - any takers?18:11, October 28, 2008Mnenyver
Official Livejournal Feed - Tags Needed23:11, September 20, 2008Zarchne
Style Guide?23:03, August 7, 2008Argadi
New category idea - tags08:14, August 6, 2008Argadi
Coolest Con Report EVAH.03:39, July 29, 2008Mnenyver
Wikia format changes - ads05:35, June 15, 2008Mnenyver
Thank You17:29, April 28, 2008Evaneyreddeman
Map01:42, April 27, 2008Mnenyver
(from Main:Talk) Studio Foglio Permission?16:13, April 25, 2008Mnenyver
RL pictures of our heroic authors?16:09, April 25, 2008Mnenyver
Aging Jägers06:47, April 25, 2008Vikingkingq
Well, the mutated cat is out of the bag!23:18, April 23, 2008Acaciaonnastik
New Copyrights Page15:54, April 21, 2008Evaneyreddeman
IRC?16:27, April 5, 2008Mnenyver
Will "The Works" work for us?05:52, April 2, 2008Corgi
"Canon" and the wiki04:23, April 2, 2008Mnenyver
Any ideas for the front page?12:54, March 12, 2008Mnenyver
New Cat: Disambiguation pages19:05, March 11, 2008Mnenyver
Logo?03:32, March 8, 2008Acaciaonnastik
(from Main:Talk) Admin access?02:20, March 7, 2008Toughpigs
Just got the volumes! New thoughts on site style...17:49, March 4, 2008Evaneyreddeman
Moving conversations?17:30, March 4, 2008Mnenyver
Augh, help.06:42, March 4, 2008Mnenyver
(from CP:Talk) Page for Page19:03, March 3, 2008Mnenyver
(from CP:Talk) Standards and Conventions20:39, March 1, 2008Zarchne
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