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Many editors make long wikis.

Feels like this fight may last for years. 05:13, 18 May 2022 (UTC)

Yeah, I'd be fairly surprised if she's really dead. --Geoduck42 (talk) 07:17, 18 May 2022 (UTC)
We haven't even gotten to the giant rat army phase of the battle yet. 9thGeneral (talk)
They are already entangled with the other combatants Fred1740 (talk) 22:49, 18 May 2022 (UTC)
I did expect a long-running fight, but I expected our guys to be in it. Well, it isn't over yet. Svesjo (talk) 17:39, 18 May 2022 (UTC)

The points on the crown no longer seem melted . She has repaired herself and something else major needs to happen before she becomes a Page 4 girl . Argadi (talk) 08:08, 18 May 2022 (UTC)

I've always had trouble with this sudden extreme growth of Queens in what is aggressively billed as a comic about Science. The first time we saw Albia pull this trick, there was an effort to explain the discharge of energy as she shrinks back down, but mass-energy conversion is, ya know, E=mc², and c is quite a large number -- way more than enough to vaporize Zeetha's hand, not just make it uncomfortable. And there's no explanation of where the energy comes from on the way up. Is she running a nuclear reactor inside her body? And living through that? But when it came to organic Queens I was willing to let it go and just enjoy the story. But somehow a robot doing it is harder to accept, for me anyway. For living Queens I can imagine a sort of controlled cancer in which each cell grows, but how does it work for machines? And don't tell me that Tarvek deliberately built in a growth facility just in case Anevka later became a robot Queen. Bkharvey (talk) 11:24, 18 May 2022 (UTC)

I think it's more along the lines of gasses expanding and compressing. Any time you compresses a gas it gets hot. Also the more energy you put into a gas the more it wants to expand. YouSeeMe (talk) 11:36, 18 May 2022 (UTC)

Lucy to Monahan,"You, Can, Dye!" I don't think physical violence is enough to kill once the transformation has begun. See

I doubt Monahan is serriously injured. Next up Lucy will be distracted when she sees Agatha which will give Monahan a chance to get the upper hand. (Dperra)