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So it looks as if the Queen's Mirror is unable to function with the tainted effluvia. That leaves Higgs in Skifander, chasing down Steelgarter. Whatever Violetta did to Steelgarter was not enough to prevent the latter from stabbing 2 of Her Majesty's soldiers. TheCinC (talk) 21:19, 7 May 2022 (UTC)

Did Violetta give Steelgarter a dose of ‘Auntie Mehitabel’s Natural Causes. (Dperra)
I doubt it because Violetta's whole reason for not killing Steelgarter was that there were too many questions. In other words, she has plot armour at present. But it is odd that it doesn't seem to be having much of an effect. Maybe it will takes some time to have an effect and the chase Higgs is on will be very anticlimactic. Or maybe Steelgarter is somehow immune or resistant. TheCinC (talk) 21:19, 7 May 2022 (UTC)
Still administering a slow acting poision would be a wonderfull interigation technique, "You have been poisioned if you tell us what we want to know we will give you the antidote.". The slow acting nature of the poision would give plenty of time for interigation. Even if Violetta actually did nothing she could say you have been dosed with ‘Auntie Mehitabel’s Natural Causes’. In case Steelgarter never heard of that posion, Agatha would probably confirm that such a thing exists just by saying something like "Oh, that stuff that Zola got me with in Castle Hederowdyne." To help make that work Violetta would at least need to make some sort of small wound. Using the actual poision would also be a great way to be sure Steelgarter would not be able to cause any trouble in case she did get away. Keep in mind at the time Violetta encountered Steelgarter, the gateway was not fully open and the expectation was that Steelgarter would be detained by the troops up top.(Dperra)

Bang is NOT going to be pleased, she seems to care a lot about people under her command. But hopefully it'll give Higgs enough of an advantage to take her out before she becomes a real problem in Skifander. Although Steelgarter likely knows her way around, may have the home court advantage.

But what does this mean for Agatha and the rest? Unless they can take out Lunevka and Monahan, they can't go back in and un-taint the effluvia and restore the Queen's Mirror. Monahan would definitely be able to do that herself, she's done it before and considering she's currently suffering under the effects of it, will likely do so. So all Agatha can do is take the Brek'kah stone and the stone from Londinium to make the mirror temporarily less useful to them, although all Lunevka or Monahan would then need would be a one trinket to go some place else with a functional mirror. If Agatha & Co do need to flee, there should be a handy airship nearby, piloted by Bangladesh Dupree's father. Reinforcements from Albia are also underway and may arrive just when they are needed the most. So all options are really open. Yes, this is the perfect time for a cliffhanger! TheCinC (talk) 08:20, 6 May 2022 (UTC)

It is interesting that the mirror got full-on bricked. It could have just gone back to view-only where it was before the flame started. Perhaps the surge of power blew a transdimensional fuse.

The Higgs in Skifander storyline has lots of good potential. We’ll probably be told in sepia what happens after the fact. Steelgarter shows up as a genuine Yajeena speaking Skif, denouncing Higgs, and leading the Eshkigax rebellion against Zeetha’s mother. By the time Team Agatha extract themselves from Rat Island and other adventures, the mirror is guarded by Steelgarter minions, Zantabraxus and Higgs are in hiding, and other interesting challenges to solve. Very much looking forward to the plot twists. 9thGeneral (talk) 14:18, 6 May 2022 (UTC)

With any luck, the people will have been under Ashtara for so long that the Eshkigax rebellion is slow to accumulate followers. Meanwhile, Axel can identify himself as Zeetha's consort (Proof: Magical Face Pocket Thingy) and ingratiate himself with the Queen. On the other hand, if Zantabraxus and Higgs are in hiding, then they would need the Baron to help them find her, since she would probably go back to their old haunts. DLcygnet (talk) 15:05, 6 May 2022 (UTC)

This speculation about what Steelgarter will be able to do can only happen if she finds a support base in Skifander. I very much doubt running into the public square screaming defiance against a ruling queen that has apperently presided over peaceful times under benevolent rule will turn out to be a successful strategy for gathering supporters.I think it is more likely Steelgarter will try a direct supprise attack on the queen that might have a chance of success except for intervention by Higgs. (Dperra)

Not for nothing, but her track record is one of subterfuge and treachery. 9thGeneral (talk)