Girl Genius
Girl Genius

This wiki is unofficial, but it hasn't escaped the attention of the Professors.

As noted on the front page, there is a link to this wiki from the official Girl Genius web site. This link was noticed in 2008, and

Girl Genius Wiki! Wow. Just...Wow. Honest and for true, this wasn't created and isn't run by us. We found it via Google!

Foglio minion Alice Bentley has an account on this wiki.

Foglio minion Julie Haehn is aware of her wiki page. [1]

When Studio Foglio was asked about a new cast page the response was:

Dear William,

I can ask, but I suspect they are happy to leave it in the hands of the folks keeping the Girl Genius Wiki.

It seems fairly up to date and thorough.

Best regards,
Assistant to the Professors
Airship Entertainment / Studio Foglio, LLC

(The response is in the Yahoo Group but you need to view source to see it.)


  1. Personal communication via Kickstarter.