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The dscusion that was here about how to tell each of them apart has been moved to the main page, as it was validated enough, beyond any reasonable doubt in fact.

Relationship betwen them[]

Eotain and Shurdlu clearly are very close partners. (A whole lot of examples that were here have been moved to the main page, because there was no doubt about that). So, what's the exent of their "partnership"? There's nothing definite, but it's worth noting that when Agatha meets them for the second time, they were sharing a bunk. Agreed, they were in a prison cell with likely a limited number of bunks, and there are other characters shown sharing their bed with no implication of a relationship, but still, when combined with Eotain's reaction to Shurdlu's death, it heavily implies that yes, they were in that kind of relationship.

People who support this theory: AuthYY

Eotain's coat[]

Eotain was the (coatless, sword in hand) geister leading the others (riding Shurdlu's spider) after Agatha while Shurdlu was fighting Zeetha mano-a-mano, and most certainly the (coated, crossbow in hand) Geister still leading them after Shurdlu died. It seems very clear that this was, off-universe, a continuity mistake much like DImo's organic left arm reappearing during his talk with Meester Boris. In-universe, seems like she got her coat (and crossbow) from Shurdlu's mount. The crossbow, obviously simply it was Shurdlu's, no need even for mad speculation. No big deal. But, the coat? Why would Shurdlu have a spare coat, and why would Eotain take the time to put it on? WHY?

My theory is that, since the duo has been shown to be some kind of, let's call it "officers" for the Geisters (Eotain, at least, is shown to be), Shurdlu (the "most serious" of the duo) would be the kind to have a spare uniform in her mount, since no officer worth his commission would be caught out-of-uniform. And Eotain took the time to put on the coat because one does not rally a army to avenge one's partner (and possibly lover, see above) wearing a trash-stained shirt. Is just not proper.

People who support this theory: AuthYY

Possibly relevant outside information[]

First see Wikipedia:ETAOIN SHRDLU, which already includes a (brief) note on the Girl Genius use.