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This article is about the Castle prisoner. For other professors, see Professor (disambiguation).

Professor Diaz is a Castle Heterodyne prisoner and a Spark; judging from his use of language, he is of Spanish extraction. When we first meet him, he is working on assembling a device for Zola to kill the Castle's multiple personalities, the parts for said assembling having been smuggled into the Castle at various times. It's never made clear if he's been a long-term part of the Storm King Conspiracy, or just got drafted into the project after Zola arrived at the Castle.

He has a team of three fellow prisoners working with him: Dr. Mittelmind (a male Mad Social Scientist), Fräulein Snaug (Dr. Mittelmind's best minion), and Professor Mezzasalma (half man/half spider-clank). The three scientists are as close to being friends as a group of Sparks can manage, though at some point previous to the start of the story, Diaz stole Mezzasalma's favorite pancreas.

His immediate loyalty switch to the real Lady Heterodyne and his words of praise for her actions[1] suggest he is more socio-politically savvy than the usual laboratory jock.

At one point he claims to suffer from narcolepsy and to practice a dangerous form of knitting, but there is reason to suspect the veracity of these statements.

When last seen, his head has been smashed in by an enormous marshmallow gun (wielded by Zola as a huge metal club, of course -- marshmallows not being especially lethal by themselves, even when shot from a large gun) while very interesting ideas are being generated by Mittelmind and Mezzasalma about what to do with his body . We never hear any details about their final decision, beyond the fact that Mezzasalma gets his pancreas back.

Outside world[]


Undercover as a member of the working class

Professor Diaz is the nom d'academe of Aaron S. Diaz, philosopher and creator of The Dresden Codak, which includes some very steampunkly interludes involving two gentlemen living on the moon. His presence is a shoutout.