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Agatha and Krosp attack!

"Death Ray" appears to be a catchall term for any particularly destructive ranged energy weapon, especially one created by a Spark. At a minimum, a ranged energy weapon would need to be lethal when applied to a human to qualify as a "death" ray.

Exactly what qualifies as "particularly destructive" probably is in the eye (or ear) of the beholder, to some degree. Agatha's little mountain-piercing ray gun is the reigning champion. André's Sonic Gun may or may not qualify, depending on one's standards. Projectile weapons like the Clank guns and Gil's Runcible Gun wouldn't qualify, regardless of their destructive capacity.


Agatha's fifth Death Ray. It is the mildest of the lot.

Examples of death rays[]


  1. Agatha's first death ray, created while escaping Castle Wulfenbach, was buried at "Agatha"'s grave.
  2. Agatha's second and third death rays, created while posing as Olga.
  3. Agatha's fourth death ray, created in Castle Heterodyne.
  4. Von Bode's creation unleash it's death ray on the hapless circus.