Girl Genius
Girl Genius

This is based on the cast list for Act 2, Volume 3, which in turn is based on the complete chronology for that volume.

First Unit, outside England[]

Agatha Heterodyne

18, fair skin, gingery blonde hair, green eyes, glasses. Our hero and the title character of these gaslamp fantasy romances. Currently on a mission to visit the libraries of Paris to find information that will allow her to free her ancestral home from being frozen in time.


Cute little redhead dressed in purple. Formerly one of Prince Tarvek's Smoke Knights, now bequeathed to Agatha as her minion. Hates being a ninja Smoke Knight and wishes she was girly-girl with a pretty dress so she can go to parties. May have a crush on Von Zinzer.

Zeetha, Daughter of Chump

Early 20s, tall, golden skin, green hair, brown eyes, exceptional athlete. Lost princess of the Lost city of Skifander. Determined to make a proper princess out of Agatha. This involves acrobatics, weapons training, fitness regimes and techniques for the rescue of hapless princes.

Krosp I

Bipedal feline, white coat, green eyes. The Emperor of All Cats, not that it does him much good. His only sworn subject is Agatha. He serves as her strategic consultant and voice of reason, which means he is often ignored.

Second Unit, in Paris[]

Gilgamesh Wulfenbach

22, medium-tall, fair skin, light brown hair, brown eyes. Reluctant heir to the Wulfenbach empire and brilliant spark. Also Agatha's long-suffering and somewhat Byronic would-be love interest.

Tarvek Sturmvoraus

Late teens to early 20s, medium-tall, fair skin, red hair, brown eyes, glasses. Prince of Sturmhalten, Machiavellian schemer, and gifted spark. Descended from the Storm King, Andronicus Valois. Has an interest in Agatha.


A Jägermonster and the newest Jägergeneral, he was running things in the hideout being used by the rest of the Jägermonsters and some of Agatha's other allies before he decided to follow her.

Colette Voltaire

The newly-installed Master of Paris, and daughter of the previous Master Simon Voltaire. Currently working out the details of rulership while combatting the influence of the Other.

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