Countess Marie is apparently a real Countess who ran away to join the circus. She married the Circus Master and helps run the whole shebang. She's also a slightly sparky chemist, and one of the main architects of the Circus's escape from Sturmhalten: she invented the hallucinogenic gas that caused the Circus members to appear to really be the Heterodyne Boys.

She is also a highly adept and dangerous practitioner of frying-pan-fu -- striking fear into her husband, and even making Dimo somewhat cautious . Wooster is introduced to her skills with a skillet as well -- judging by the bandages on his head the next time we see him, Marie successfully taught him respect (fear?) as well.

She is presumably now touring England with the rest of the Circus; she claims to be distantly related[1] to Her Undying Majesty.

The Works Edit

Countess Marie appears in "The Works" where she is given the attributes Circus - Chemist - Chef. She is depicted as using a blue ladle to taste something cooking in a black pot.

(Note: the Chef does not have a card in The Works.)

Outside World Edit

The real‐life Master Payne is also married to a rather noble-looking blonde named Marie Cooley who runs a shop called The Fitting Room.


  1. "third cousin...many times removed, of course."