Girl Genius
Girl Genius

A railroad system run by the order of Corbettite Monks, to whom the schedule is gospel. It links various parts of Europa on a limited basis. Currently, the only three known railways stations are in Clank Head (a small isolated rural station in the general vicinity of Mechanicsburg), Hufftberg (proposed), and Paris.

Rules of the Railroad[]

Here are the rules of the railroad, as stated by Brother Ulm[1]:

  • The railway is a holy sanctuary.
  • All are welcome—but any who break the peace will be removed and, if necessary, delivered to the secular authorities.
  • Passage is free to all, though they ask that you do attend to the daily trainsong.

Other rules include:

  • For a donation, one can be accommodated in a private compartment.
  • You must attend confession after boarding the train. No one rides unshriven and unquestioned. [2]

Rules of dubious provenance: