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Girl Genius

Transylvanian information[]

Professor Cheyenne Wright, a member of the staff in the Transylvania Polygnostic University Department of Almost Certainly True History, assists Professors Phil and Kaja Foglio in their... creative presentation of the early history of Lady Heterodyne by rendering the illustrations in rich shaded color. Currently, examples of his efforts, untrammeled by word balloon or corner panel overlays can be see on his web site. If only the images were bigger!

Professor Wright is known to fancy[1] the Jägermädchen in the blue uniform at Mamma Gkika's.

His personality, agenda, and appearance (apart from clothing) as depicted in recent “bonus” (somewhat real world) comics are indistinguishable from those of the King of the Silver Lands, whose surname appears to be “Chroma.” Examples include Third (2011) Hugo Acceptance Speech , The (2013) Hugo Award Nominees , this addendum to their vacation announcement , and the 2014 Hugo Wrap-up .

Other biographical works[]

Girl Genius Related[]


Portrait of the unsquished Alan

He has also illustrated one of the adventures of Trelawney Thorpe, Spark of the Realm, called "The Crown of the Sleeping King", by Sir Hubert Snappington and rendered TPU-publication-ready by the Professors Foglio. The story runs for ten handsomely-illustrated pages and depicts Kirby Dots on Page Nine.

In addition, Cheyenne has written and illustrated "Homecoming King", a story involving Ghengis Ht'rok-din, the founder (or at least a very important early member) of House Heterodyne. Confusingly, another TPU faculty member in this tale, Professor Bosewichte, bears a more than passing resemblance to Cheyenne, which may be one of the reasons this work is considered semi-canonical.

He supplied the idea for the "Ivo Sharktooth, Private Jäger" short story, as well as drawing a cover for another untold Ivo Sharktooth tale called "De Gurl Vho Cried Jäger", which was used as filler art.

And he helped out while Phil was recovering from shoulder surgery and couldn't draw by illustrating and coloring the short story, "The Mechanicsburg Guild of Monsters".

Arcane Times and Others[]

Professor Wright is the primary graphical biographer of the sorcerer Alan Arcane, with whom he shares a curious resemblance. The one-time "City of Heroes" addict who lives with the scintillating Alexandria "Lex" Masters becomes the inheritor of Fogg House, and the most powerful sorcerer in the world. The sorcerer's story is currently on hold pending Professor Wright's brain rebooting.

Outside world[]

Wright was born and raised in Hawaii and has since moved to the mainland. He is married to Danger, Eli Danger, and has a daughter. His birthday is September 19 , the same day as International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

He may be found scattered about the web:

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According to an announcement on Twitter, he previously worked for Cryptic's Champions Online.


  1. This was previously linked to a post in the Yahoo group, but the link no longer works.