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"Cheese is great! The moon is made of it, you know!" ~Kaja[1]

In Girl Genius dialog and artwork, cheese often appears seemingly at random. One theory suggests that such cheese may highlight romantic attraction, especially ill-fated or skewed attraction: QED lust. Behold the power of Cheese. However, many appearances of cheese have no connection to romance (see list below).[2]

Another theory suggests that a mention or appearance of cheese in an incongruous context is often funny (perhaps funnier than many other items in incongruous contexts), making it a good choice for an entertaining object appearing at random.[3]

Appearances of Cheese[]

In Canon[]

(In order of appearance.)

First Journey[]

  • Silas Merlot's pet project was (supposedly literally) to turn chalk into cheese . A Merlot is a grape grown for making a dry red wine and might be served with cheese. (No necessary romantic connection. [4])
  • When the students discuss whether Agatha was in her underwear when she went flying with Gil in the falling machine, that might be cheese on the table. (Of course, tables are not unreasonable places to find cheese.)
  • Agatha tells Von Pinn that she wouldn't have Gil even if Von Pinn "stripped him naked and dipped him in cheese" .
  • Cheese is unsurprisingly among the sandwich-making components that Gil supplies for Agatha after she emerges from her Rescue-Clank Sleep-building.
  • Lars, Agatha's leading man in Master Payne's Circus of Adventure Heterodyne shows, and who, to his own amazement, fell for her (romantically and ultimately), was a cheesemaker's apprentice[5] before running off to join the circus.
  • Anevka tells her brother Tarvek to save the the flirtation for dessert , because "it will go well with the cheese". (This is presumably is a pun suggesting that the flirtation is "cheesy," rather than an actual suggestion that literal cheese has something to do with flirtation.)
  • The soldier who, before ordering Master Payne and his Circus out of Sturmhalten, presents Payne with a monetary reward for the "capture" of "Madame Olga" (Agatha) relays presumably Prince Aaronev's claim "noblesse oblige" as "no bless obli cheese" . (No necessary romantic connection.[6])
  • Possibly Chef's triumph over (his nemesis?) Brillat-Savarin through the use of pie.
  • Among the praises of Mechanicsburg[7] sung in The Mechanicsburg Tourism Song by Tom Smith [8] are the touching words "How beautiful her dairy farms, / And for her cheese we all give thanks.".
  • Cheese is among the various methods of killing that Bangladesh DuPree clears (however that happens) with Gil for use in the defense of his convalescing father. (No necessary romantic connection.[9])
  • A wedge of cheese appears in a frame with Zeetha and Higgs immediately following a frame in which Zeetha appears to be making googoo eyes at the airman. Its depiction is explicable, in that there is a bar fight going on around them and a lot of random objects may be being thrown, but presumably said depiction is not undesigned.[10] From Zeetha's reaction, it may be that it struck the back of her head.
  • One of the flavors of snails[11] offered by a street vendor terrified by the activation of the Torchmen.
  • A little girl asks Zeetha whether she is a tramp,[12] and then, otherwise unfathomably, whether she likes cheese. (This makes perfect sense if the only definition of tramp the girl knows is "poor person who doesn't have a home". It's only a step from "poor" to "hungry".)
  • Cheese is part of Gil's summary[13] of Zola's plan to gain power.
  • It is also part of Mittelmind's brief explanation of his background.[14]
  • Fraulein Snaug brings a special snack to Von Zinzer, and the two of them share some first aid and heart-to-heart revelations. There's a reason the chapter's called "Flirting Minions."
  • Why do little boys get sent out of the house in Agatha’s great-grandfather’s time? For cheese , of course. [15]
  • Emil's House of Cheese has the slogan "Be all that you can Brie".[16]
  • Rebuilding his strength after a noxious knifing, Tweedle has (along with various spirits) a hearty block of Swiss by his side.[17] As with almost everything/everyone with which/whom Tweedle comes in contact, it has a knife stuck in it. It is not presently known whether this violence was precipitated by the cheese declaring a competing claim to the Storm King throne.

Second Journey[]

In Maxim Buys a Hat[]

  • Ognian requests a special lunch from his waitress involving a freshly emptied grease trap, raw meat and "lots ov cheeze." By the end of the mini-arc, he is suggesting they go find someplace, and her arms are around his neck. (Note: she is never heard to *say* anything in terms of attraction.[23] It is left to the reader to guess how much chemistry is actually occurring.)
  • Maxim tricks Ol' Man Death into surrendering his hat by asking for a hat sandwich and requesting it to go. This answers Ognian's question as to why there is cheese on the hat. However, Oggie does not get around to noticing the note in Maxim's hand, nor did he hear Maxim flirting with Ol' Man Death's granddaughter, Zeuxippe.

In the Sketch Book[]

In Revenge of the Weasel Queen[]

In Franz Scortchmaw, Great Dragon of Mechanicsburg and the Story We Haven't Named Yet![]

  • Hector responds to a claim that is un imbécile complet by saying he can identify over forty kinds of cheese .

In Filler Art Work[]

In the Novels[]

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