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These are matches for the words "Castle Heterodyne", "Der Kestle".


Volume I

Merlot Goes Spare

Volume II

The Dragon From Mars

Tea with the Generals

Volume III

The Baron and Othar

Klaus' Story

Volume IV

Gil and Klaus Talk

Volume VII

Yes, it's on Purpose

Castle Heterodyne

About the Castle

Another Heir

Inside the Castle

Meeting the Castle

Spark Roast Coffee Ad

Agatha Faces Down the Castle

Vole Reports to Gil

Volume VIII

Agatha in the Castle

Vole Arrives to Take Charge

Agatha Learns about the Kitchen

Klaus Take A Stroll

Gil Works it Out

Back in the Castle

The Test

Got the Job?

Do You Have a Boyfriend?

Riding the Tiger

Violetta is Displeased

Agatha Catches the Show

An Old Friend Returns

Volume IX

Agatha in the Castle

Gil in the Castle

Zola's Evil Plan (Muhahaha)

Gil Working on Repairs

Let's Split Up!

The Castle Finds Gil

More of Zola's Evil Plan

Agatha Gets Wound Up

Smoochus Interruptus

Agatha Settles Pinkie's Hash

I Love Christmas

Nanny Attack!

Get Going, Hero Boy

An Attempt at Medicine

Violetta Gets a New Job

Mad Science

Agatha and Her Guinea Pigs

Dingbot Fight!

Elevator Madness!

Ad Interrupt

The Great Movement Chamber

the Castle Flips Out

Gil & Tarvek "Help"

The Castle REALLY Flips Out

Final Page of Volume 9

Volume X

First Page of Volume TEN

What Klaus is Up To

What Agatha is Up To

Lucrezia Visits

The Thing from the Pit


Have a Drink...

Get Him!

Blowing a Gasket

Lucrezia's Secret Lab

Flirting Minions

Time to Get Moving

Higgs Knows Secret Passages

The Castle Seraglio

Final Page of Volume 10

Volume XI

The Library

Theo Works in Unstable Conditions

Agatha is Mean to Tarvek

Who Gets to Throw the Switch

Duck! It's Zola...

Back to the fight

Those Flying Coats NEVER Work Properly

Zola Leaves the Castle

Higgs Requests Leave

Extra page with Higgs and Zeetha

Repairs and Quibbling Continue Apace


Wandering Heroes

Tarvek Explains Some Things

Van Has a Visitor

Back to Agatha and Her Jolly Friends

Agatha Finds the Last Repair Site

Tiktoffen Makes His Move

That Kissing Scene

Coming to Gil's Rescue

The Town Council Meets

Castle Fixing Complete?

Gil Leaves the Castle

Agatha and the Doom Bell

Volume XII

Repairing the Great Movement Chamber

Castle Heterodyne Releases its Prisoners

Dragons Wake

Agatha and Friends Make Plans

Agatha and Zeetha try on Armor

Repairs in Town

I Require a Spark


Hero in a Jar

More of Tarvek's Family

Getting Across Town

Othar! Also, Agatha blows stuff up

Franz Proves he can Fly


Volume XIII

First Page of Volume XIII

Lover's Spat

The Castle is Back!

Higgs and Zeetha ♥

The Castle Gets Down to Business

The Baron Hatches a Plan

Higgs and Zeetha Again

Agatha Returns to her Friends

Hideous Arcane Rituals

No Time for Mechanicsburg

Radio Theater Break: Small Problems

Volume 2-1

Gil Enters Mechanicsburg

An Instructive Detour

Flying Escape

Volume 2-2

Dreen Time

A Villain's Lair

Student Advisor

The Notebook

Shopping in the Underground

Back in the Shop

Seffie is Cranky

Volume 2-3

Visiting the Arguron King

Shoveling the Walk

Abducting the King

The Incorruptible Library

Examining the Book

The King's Reading Chamber

The Hermitorium

Who Gets To Play With Whom

Sleepy Girls

Dungeon Crawl

Good Work Bartleby

Looting the Dungeon

Aldin and Larana

Volume 2-4

Agatha and her friends steal a ride

Geisterdamen in the Streets

Geisterdamen in the Streets (cont. — non-canon)

Child Catching Clanks

Stealing Another Ride

The Return Of The King

Cover of City of Lightning

Wizard Duel


The Master

The New Master Arises

Paris Reborn

Volume 2-5

The Winslow short story and other artwork

Ivo Sharktooth: Private Jager

Extra Art: Trying to Sleep

Extra Art: Wasp Eater and Clank Party

Albia of England

The WORKS and Other Distractions

Volume 2-6

Tarvek Gets in a Fight

The Castle and Train Turn Up

Train and Castle and Tarvek and Higgs


Karl Thotep

The Dome is Mostly Empty

Gil and Trelawney Show Up

Volume 2-7

--First Page of VOLUME 20 (Act 2: BOOK SEVEN)

It Really Worked

It's A Gift

Mister Higgs

Volume 2-8

The Dancing Cat

Her Terrible Revenge

Martellus At Work

Introducing The Empress

A Mechanicsburg Solstice Story

Politics With Krosp and The Muse (continued, non-canon)

Volume 2-9

Finding A "Safe" Place Underground

Villainy Found!

The Mistress Can Do Anything!

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