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Girl Genius

Carol Monahan

Carol Monahan is a long time friend of the Professors Fogios. In 2013 she was hired by Studio Foglio as a part-time business manager with part of the proceeds of the successful 'print everything' Kickstarter[1]. Hiring her was the $300,000 stretch goal for this Kickstarter project.

She appeared behind the Comic-Con booth in 2015 .

Studio News for 2019-05-06 (Monday) includes a birthday greeting and congratulations on a successful Cheapass Games book Kickstarter.

Carol was Director of Sales & Logistics at Wizards of the Coast during the early days of Magic: The Gathering, (1993-2000), and is the current Vice President of Cheapass Games, publisher of The Works card game.[2]

Carol is the original Radio play voice of Ferretina.

Rat-stretcher Monahan in 1993

And going even further back.. the 1993 Kaja Foglio/Phil Foglio wedding program credits Carol (a bridesmaid) with publishing Rat: The Magazine for Spontaneous Generation.

She is likely the inspiration for the Girl Genius character Francisia Monahan.


  1. Welcome to the exciting World of UPDATE NUMBER EIGHT
  2. If she's such a "smarty-pants" business manager, why does she have a pancake on her head? See the $175,000 and $300,000 stretch goals of the Kickstarter for the closest thing to an answer that exists.