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"Amazingly, pretty calm."

The Calming Pie is an invention of the Chef from Master Payne's Circus of Adventure. The first time it is employed, it is not particularly effective ; it is later refined. The perfected formula is capable of taking a spark from the madness place to a nice, relaxed state of normalcy. Or perhaps, even more relaxed than that.

The correct formula apparently hinges on extra butter and less nutmeg .

Most likely the Chef deduced the existence of such a pie from his "Unified Pie Theory" (which presumably produces many hypotheses — but only one other, dealing with histrionics, is known) rather than inferring the Theory from the Calming Pie, since we have no evidence it ever worked before the one juncture.

Possibly relevant outside information[]

"Histrionics" (i.e., dealing with the performance of a play) and "hysterics" (having to do with violent, uncontrolled emotion, particularly (in 19th-century perception) in women) sound very similar, don't they?

Questions and theories[]

  • Since we've only seen the pie work that once, could it be that Agatha is particularly responsive to pastitherapy?

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