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These are matches for the words "Boris Vasily Konstantin Andrei Myshkin Dolokhov", "Boris Dolokhov", "Dolokhov", "Boris".

Volume I

Wulfenbach's Visit

Gil Chews the Scenery

Merlot Goes Spare

The Baron Finds a Clank

Volume II

In the Lab / Moloch's Story

Volume III

The Baron and Othar

The Baron Gets News

Von Pinn Gives a Pep Talk

Agatha Discovers She Enjoys Adventures

Adam & Lilith Help Out

Adam & Lilith Meet Klaus (Again)

Klaus' Story

Volume IV

The Baron is Not Pleased

Volume V

Klaus is REALLY Mad

Volume VI

DuPree is Brought up to Speed

Volume IX

Tarvek Sturmvoraus, Boy Detective

Volume X

What Klaus is Up To

General Teatime with Boris

Volume XI

Jager Meeting

Castle Wulfenbach War Room

Volume XII

Welcome Home...uh...Gilgamesh Wulfenbach?

Gil Returns

Someone's Been Sitting on MY Empire!

Stories and... RUN!

Gil has a Bad Day

The Cover of the Second Girl Genius Novel

Adventures with Boris

Volume XIII

The Baron Hatches a Plan

Volume 2-3

Abducting the King

Princess Larana

The Incorruptible Library

Volume 2-5

The WORKS and Other Distractions

Volume 2-9

Arriving In Collette's Paris

The Situation In Europa

Othar Returns!

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