Girl Genius
Girl Genius

"You were knocked silly. I took the opportunity to knock you senseless." - Bohrlaikha, speaking to Gill

Bohrlaikha is a towering humanoid speech-capable Wulfenbach clank. Judging from her size, stance, and large sword, she appears to be some sort of sentinel assigned to guard Gilgamesh Wulfenbach upon his ascension to the position of Baron following the Timeskip.

She wields a large, two-pronged, electrified sword, and is a formidable fighter, single-handedly forcing a Knight of Jove to retreat after chopping off one of its arms. (And she's durable enough to survive having the arm fall on her...)

According to Dimo, she was left with Gil by Klaus; “she keeps him safe, but she also watches him. ” It is never established if Klaus constructed her or obtained her from another Spark.

Bangladesh DuPree on the other hand is suspicious of her; " should let me dismantle your nanny here with a sledgehammer! "

When she is first introduced, she shadows Gil constantly, but worries about malfunctions keep her from joining him on his various trips into time-frozen Mechanicsburg, and when Gil and Bang set off after the rescued-and-then-kidnapped Tarvek in the general direction of Paris and then England, she does not accompany them and no mention is made of her. (The last scene in which she appears is when Gil meets with his spymistress Spudna.)

Much much later, it is finally revealed that she did join Gil on a trip into Mechanicsburg, and he deliberately trapped her there in the time-freeze, due to fears that she would interfere with the aforementioned extraction of Tarvek. After returning to the town with Agatha and Tarvek to free Mechanicsburg, Gil and his friends enter the frozen city to deal with her in order to ensure that Bohrlaikha doesn't interfere with their plans. Specifically, Gil intends to reset Bohrlaikha's directives without damaging her, citing that Bohrlaikha occasionally exhibited hints of higher understanding and rational thought which he feels merits some care and gratitude in return. Though he is enough of a pragmatist that he has both Bang and Zeetha standing by if peaceable attempts fail, and, sure enough, they do: Bohrlaikha's reflexes are such that when exposed to Lady Heterodyne's Star, she instantly lashes out with her sword and damages the walls of the team's time-tunnel. This sets off a time-disruption "storm", which Bohrlaikha is able to wade through and pursue the fleeing heroes; Tarvek comments that to survive doing this, she must have some of Van Rijn's tech in her.

Possibly relevant outside information[]

Unlike many other characters, Bohrlaikha's name does not appear to be a reference to or have any precedent in literature or mythology (although perhaps it is based on the physicist Niels Bohr and the Soviet space dog Laika).