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Typical city street

Beetleburg is a busy university town in Transylvania, home of Transylvania Polygnostic University. It was ruled by Doctor Tarsus Beetle, which continued once it fell within the territory claimed by Baron Klaus Wulfenbach.

TPU students

Like any centre of education, Beetleburg seems to draw all types and ethnicities to study at its university, although how much they blend with the 'townies' is unknown. In campus scenes , we see at least one man dressed in the manner of the Hasidic Jews, and a soldier in Beetle's service (from his uniform and badge); Doctor Hugo Glassvitch appears to be of Mediterranean or African blood but speaks with a French accent.

For half of Agatha Heterodyne's life, she lived in Beetleburg at her foster parents' machine shop home, eventually becoming a TPU student and lab assistant.

Local businesses

After Beetle's death, Doctor Silas Merlot was put in charge of "the city, the college, the lands... everything", and threatened with being shipped to Castle Heterodyne at his first mistake. It didn't take long for said mistake to happen, and Merlot was duly shipped off to the Castle.

The current state (and ruler) of Beetleburg is not known.

Outside World[]

Beetleburg appears to be the Inner Eastern Carpathian Mountains. This city appears to be on the upper reaches of the river Olt, possibly in the location of our current-world Miercurea-Ciuc, which interestingly enough is home to the Sapienta Transylvanian Hungarian University.

Another possible candidate could be Sibiu considering its size and status as a centre of culture and education.

Both locations are fairly near the most likely locations of Mechanicsburg; indeed Sibiu itself has been proposed as a possible location of the latter town.