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These are matches for the words "Bangladesh DuPree", "Bangladesh Dupree", "Bangladesh", "DuPree", "Dupree", "Bang".

Volume II

In the Lab / Moloch's Story

Volume III

Bangladesh DuPree

The Baron Gets News

Von Pinn Gives a Pep Talk

Klaus' Story

Zulenna Delays the Pursuit

Volume IV

Gil and Klaus Talk

The Circus Meets Bang

Gil is Having a Bad Day

The Baron is Not Pleased

Volume V

Klaus is REALLY Mad

She's ALIVE!

Volume VI

DuPree is Brought up to Speed

Agatha's Signal Activates

The Baron's Soldiers

Agatha Flips Out (Big Fight)

Volume VII

Airman Higgs

Klaus Wakes Up

DuPree on Guard Duty

Everybody Fusses About the War Clanks

Gil Deals With It

Volume VIII

Klaus Take A Stroll

Volume IX

Delivery for the Baron

Gil in the Castle

An Attempt at Romance

Tarvek Sturmvoraus, Boy Detective

Volume X

What Klaus is Up To

Volume XI

The Baron, The Storyteller, and Stories

Volume XII

Gil Returns

Stories and... RUN!

Bang Finds Her Favorite Toy

Bang Falls in Lurve!

Gil's Double-Secret Lab

Gil Gets to Work

Gil has a Bad Day

Volume XIII

Gizmocracy Thanks

Let's Play with Paper Dolls

No Time for Mechanicsburg

Gil Meets Martellus

The Boys Have A Lightning Duel

Gil Awakens

Final Page of Volume 13

Volume 2-1

A Boy And His Empire


Gil Enters Mechanicsburg

Reviving Vole

Gil and Bang have a Talk

Back in Gil's Lab

Volume 2-2

A Very Well Drawn Panoramic Shot

The New Train

The Fighting Girls Tea and Cake Society

Lucrezia Comes to Visit

Dreen Time

Gil And His Spymaster

Gil in Mechanicsburg

Volume 2-3

Gil and Othar Talk Some More (non-canon)

Wakey Wakey my Prince

Mechanicsburg Has a New Look

Bang Gets A New Pet

A Vanity Project Pays Off

Gilgamesh On The Trail

Tarvek Uses His Fork

A General Discussion

Volume 2-4

Geister Dumpster Dive (non-canon)

Volume 2-5

The Mopey Tortoise is Under Attack Again

Gil and Tarvek Meet Again

Arriving at Dover One

Gil Meets His Hero

The WORKS and Other Distractions

Volume 2-6

Pirate Business and Morning Training

Gil and Trelawney Have a Quiet Breakfast

Volume 2-7

Tarvek Seizes the Moment

Volume 2-8

New Shoes


The Royal Observatory Fight

The Royal Observatory Fight (continued, non-canon)

An Interesting Discovery

Tracking Prende's Lantern

Politics With Krosp and The Muse (continued, non-canon)

Last Night Ashore

Volume 2-9

---First Page of VOLUME 22 (Act 2: BOOK NINE)

After the Mutiny

The Fish Appear To Be Biting

Bang Would Rather Be Killing Guys

Oh, come On, it Said Do Not Open

A Working Mirror!

Krosp Hears an Organ

A Family Reunion

Volume 2-10

We're Sneaking Here

Nothing Like Grog To Tickle The Memory

Nice Island. Pity If Something Happened To It

Winding Up The Sparks

The Zeno of Citium is Aloft

'I Only MAKE This Look Easy'

Where Are All These Monsters Coming From?

Taking Fire From the Hostiles


Permission to Board

Very Good For a First Try

We've Arrived

Volume 2-11

---First Page of Volume 24 (Act 2: BOOK ELEVEN)

The Royal Jester Takes A Walk

Killer Queens (In Training)

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Art Interruption: Deathwish DuPree (non-canon)

Week Starting 2024-04-08 (Monday)

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