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Higgs is the big brother of Agatha.

Agatha manages to time-travel and rescued her brother from her mother before the castle break then put him in the past. That would explain why he doesn't change physically over the years and why the fire of the mirrors was familiar to him.

Higgs comes with the Dyne.[]

Higgs belongs to the family of priests and priestesses who took care of the Dyne spring. The family was around before the Heterodynes arrived in Mechanicsburg. One of them showed it to the first Heterodyne. Higgs became unstoppable when Egregious unstoppered the Dyne and Higgs was rushed into the waters by the increased current. He kept his hat, though then he had a different one.

Here the Dyne becomes unstoppered and someone is swept into the flow. He either drowns and his life stops or....

Zeetha meets Higgs at Mamma's. If you compare the first panel in which he appears and the panel with the elf next to the spring you may see a similarity in they body position. If you have a sharp enough eye.

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Also Higgs is the secret Jägergeneral[]

It has been validated. Higgs is officially the 7th general.

You can note that Earlier while the Dyne was still a spring. Vlad turned a one star general into a Jäger. The hat is very similar to the one worn by 4 star General Zog.

Jäger Generals have lived longer than just about anyone in Mechanicsburg or elsewhere. Proven their wisdom and prowess over and over by staying alive.

Given that Higgs is the Dyne dunked elf he is old enough to be a contemporary of Zog and the other original Jäger generals.

Higgs as a tricky guy who keeps secrets and is old enough to be on the council of Jager Generals.

We know the story of how Higgs rescued the Baron when the medical ship was attacked. When Gil assigns Higgs hat duty note that Dimo gives Higgs a special look as Dimo makes an excuse for Higgs lack of injuries.

Later we see that there is more to it than that. Higgs identity is something he does not want shared. Yet Tarvek figures out some of it. Higgs helps Agatha with his knowledge of hidden Dyne rituals. When he goes to get Zeetha to Mamma's, Tarvek notes he asked both Gil and Agatha for permission.

When Tarvek finally meets the Generals he knows that there is an extra general unknown to the public or Krosp. The seventh general is a tricky one who has knowledge of many secret things. Higgs is someone who has many secrets. Secrets which Mamma reminds Zeetha only Higgs has a right to reveal.

So a man old enough to be Zog's contemporary. Not interested in fighting but having a long acquaintance with the castle and Heterodynes going through Dyne rituals. Invulnerable to most blows and able to heal quickly even from mortal wounds. Able to blend in and with the patience of someone with all the time in the world. He would definitely have a place at the generals conferences. He has also been given the rank of honorary Jäger general.

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Higgs is the original Heterodyne, the one who drank from the dyne spring[]

The original Heterodyne drank the waters of the Dyne and was granted "unearthly stamina and strength". The waters of the Dyne were later used as principal ingredient in the Jaegertroph. We know per the encounter with Vole after he was taken out of the time stopped Mechanicsberg that Higgs has gone through the same process as other Jaegers who became Jaeger Generals "Kid, we all did, And then we grew up." Is Higgs what the original Heterodyne grew up to become? It would explain his unearthly stamina and strength, and make him a very suitable bodyguard for his descendants. If Immortality isn't unearthly stamina then what is?

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