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These are matches for the words "The Unstoppable Higgs", "Airman Higgs", "Axel Higgs", "Higgs".

Volume VII[]

Gil Lands at the Hospital[]

Airman Higgs[]

Volume VIII[]

A Diplomatic Meeting[]

Barfight! Also: Higgs[]

Mechanicsburg Tourism[]

Gil's Great Plan[]

Gil Makes a New Plan[]

Now We Must Fight![]

Agatha Catches the Show[]

Gil is Surprised[]

Volume IX[]

Gil in the Castle[]

Zola's Evil Plan (Muhahaha)[]

Let's Split Up![]

The Castle REALLY Flips Out[]

Volume X[]


Zeetha and Violetta Bond[]

Have a Drink...[]

Get Him![]

Blowing a Gasket[]

Flirting Minions[]

Frustrated Sparks[]


Higgs Knows Secret Passages[]

Aaaah! It's Zola![]



Zola Goes up to Eleven[]

Volume XI[]

The Library[]

Duck! It's Zola...[]

Back to the fight[]

Higgs Requests Leave[]

Extra page with Higgs and Zeetha[]

Repairs and Quibbling Continue Apace[]

Amazonian Flirting[]

Volume XII[]

Nuts and Squirrels and Grad Students[]

Agatha and Zeetha try on Armor[]

Volume XIII[]

The Castle is Back![]

Higgs and Zeetha ♥[]

Higgs and Zeetha Again[]

The Boys Have A Lightning Duel[]

A Happier Reunion[]

Gil Awakens[]

Volume 2-1[]


Gil Enters Mechanicsburg[]

An Instructive Detour[]

Reviving Vole[]

Back in Gil's Lab[]

Cinderella Paper Doll Fun[]

Volume 2-2[]

The Fighting Girls Tea and Cake Society[]

Gil And His Spymaster[]

Couple's Time[]

Gil in Mechanicsburg[]

Volume 2-3[]

Gil and Othar Talk Some More (non-canon)[]

Visiting the Arguron King[]

Mechanicsburg Has a New Look[]

A General Discussion[]

Volume 2-4[]

Geister Dumpster Dive (non-canon)[]

Volume 2-5[]

Albia of England[]

The WORKS and Other Distractions[]

Wooster Gets the News[]

Tarvek Works it Out[]

Wooster on the Case[]

Wooster, Tarvek and Higgs Arrive[]

Violetta Finds a Thief[]

Volume 2-6[]

---First Page of VOLUME 19 (Act 2: BOOK SIX)[]

Pirate Business and Morning Training[]

Agatha Has an Insight[]

Agatha Gets a Present[]

Higgs Takes a Break[]

Tarvek Gets in a Fight[]

The Castle and Train Turn Up[]

Train and Castle and Tarvek and Higgs[]


Karl Thotep[]

Extradimensional Critters Gone Wild[]

An Easy Victory![]

The Dome is Mostly Empty[]

Gil and Trelawney Show Up[]

Volume 2-7[]

--First Page of VOLUME 20 (Act 2: BOOK SEVEN)[]

Tarvek Seizes the Moment[]

Stupid Martellus is Stupid[]

More Subs Approaching[]

Hesitation Was All She Needed[]

It Really Worked[]

Trogulus Leaves Our Story[]

It's A Gift[]

A Religious Experience[]

Mister Higgs[]

Tarvek's Imaginary Friend[]

Everything Interesting Uses Machinery[]

Oggie The Love Guru[]

Volume 2-8[]

Tarvek Has a Surprise[]

Old Friends[]

The New Heterodyne Show[]

In the Kitchen[]

Higgs Gets A Makeover[]

Introducing The Empress[]

The Royal Observatory Fight (continued, non-canon)[]

An Interesting Discovery[]

Kjarl Emerges from the Mist[]

Politics With Krosp and The Muse (continued, non-canon)[]

Volume 2-9[]

Introductions All Around[]

Giant Rat Fight![]

A Steep Downward Climb[]

Finding A "Safe" Place Underground[]

Look at All This Stuff![]

Agatha And Her Magic Lamp[]

A Priceless Archeological Site[]

A Working Mirror![]

Krosp Hears an Organ[]

It's Not Doing Anything[]

Volume 2-10[]

We're Sneaking Here[]

Nothing Like Grog To Tickle The Memory[]

Let The Fight Begin![]

Winding Up The Sparks[]

Agatha Is Off to Europa[]

Neena Explains Herself[]

Art Interruption: 2023–2024 Holiday Break[]

Volume 2-11[]

Killer Queens (In Training)[]

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