Lady Ariadne Steelgarter is an English noblewoman. Physically, her most notable attributes are an extra set of arms, along with blue hair. Socially, she is described as being a great patron of the sciences, and was the financial backer of the airship expedition which discovered/reconnected with Skifander and subsequently brought Zeetha to Europa before being wiped out by sky pirates.

It is not yet entirely clear if she herself is a Spark, but when the subject of discussion turns to fashion, she certainly displays the proper level of enthusiasm and focus.

Agatha and Ariadne first meet in the Londinium headquarters of the Queen's Society, in the lead-up to a soiree which Ariadne is hosting for that illustrious organization. She takes Agatha in hand, dress-wise, saying that however little interest Agatha may personally have in the subject, as an official guest of Queen Albia, she has to look the part. Fortunately, Agatha brought along a few odds and ends from Paris. A squeeing Ariadne announces that Agatha needs a maid to deal with all of them, though she may have had a second reason for promoting this idea. Violetta however shows that she's probably up to the task of dressing Agatha.

Unsurprisingly, during the party, Ariadne questions Zeetha about what happened to her expedition, and is told its unfortunate fate. Later, the plot thickens as Violetta catches her covertly rummaging through Zeetha's things, trying unsuccessfully to find some artifact from Skifander that she can test to determine the city's location; why she is so eager to do so remains unrevealed. Following a bloody fight which leaves Violetta's fate uncertain, a battered Ariadne meets up with a mysterious co-conspirator and announces her intention to withdraw for now from the Society's undersea dome and recuperate at "the museum", planning to try again with Zeetha at a later date. She ends up forming an alliance of temporary convenience with another would-be dome escapee, ex-pirate Ulysses Bonny who was working as a waiter at the party. They successfully commandeer a sub, return to a more public area of the city and go their separate ways; in Ariadne's case, it turns out the museum is (again, perhaps unsurprisingly) the Royal Collection of Inconvenient Oddities, where she catches up on recent events with Collection curator Hippocrates Brunel. It the course of this conversation, it is hinted that Lady Steelgarter may be angling to give herself a fairly major promotion.

A bit later on, the Lucrezia-affiliated Smoke Knight Madwa Korel brings word to Steelgarter that Violetta is still alive, prompting the Englishwoman to plot a quick and covert escape to the island lair of Francisia Monahan.

Possibly Useful Information[edit | edit source]

Boris Dolokhov also has four arms. Whether he and Lady Steelgarter share any background remains to be seen.

"Ariadne" may be a reference on the Foglios' part to the character of the same name from Greek mythology, who is sometimes associated with thread.

Ariadne's hairdo bears more than a passing resemblance to that of the animated character Marge Simpson.

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