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"She iz zo sharp... zo dangerous, like a pudding bag full of knives! GROWL!"
-- Andre explains de vays of luff.

André is a low-ranking Jägermonster aboard Castle Wulfenbach. We see him briefly here , where he's escorting a bewildered Agatha Heterodyne back to the dormitory after her visit with Khrizhan and the other Jäger Generals. André has a completely inexplicable (to most humans) crush on Von Pinn, and is convinced that she returns his affections because of the way she's savaged him several times without ever quite killing him. This has gone on long enough that long-term Castle residents respond to the screams and crashing with a dismissive "Must be André."

The Novel[edit | edit source]

In Agatha H. and the Airship City this Jäger is named Minsc.[1] See also Minsk.


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