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All the cards from the original version of The Works game with Agatha Heterodyne's portrait on them.

Images from the "Agatha Heterodyne" and related cards from the original version of The Works. Left to right, top to bottom: "Agatha Heterodyne 1", "Agatha Heterodyne 2", "Agatha Heterodyne 3", "Agatha Heterodyne 4", and "Agatha Heterodyne 5", "Agatha's First Clank", Back of "LOSE A TURN" card (one of four), Back of "LOSE A TURN" card (one of four), Front of "LOSE A TURN" card (all four)

In the original version of the the game The Works, there were five cards featuring Agatha Heterodyne by name, as well as a few others that featured her image.

Agatha Heterodyne cards[]

The five "Agatha Heterodyne" cards are titled with her name followed by a number from 1 to 5. The cards show Agatha doing various Sparky things. The name of each card, along with a brief description of its illustration, follows.

  • Agatha Heterodyne 1: examining a gizmo
  • Agatha Heterodyne 2: creating electrical arcs
  • Agatha Heterodyne 3: examining a specimen
  • Agatha Heterodyne 4: wielding a gadget in one hand and a wrench in the other
  • Agatha Heterodyne 5: reading a book entitled Things Man Was Not Meant to Know[1]

Agatha's appearance and the activities she engages in on these cards provided a very accurate preview of what Agatha would be like in the comic, which The Works predated. This is not true of all of the characters portrayed on cards in The Works.

Other Agatha cards[]

The card "Agatha's First Clank" also displays her portrait, along with that of her first (successful) creation, the Search Engine. While significantly different in size and coloration from the Search Engine as portrayed in the comic, the clank on the card bears enough resemblance to the clank in the comic to be confidently identified as the same device.

Each of the four "Lose a Turn" cards display a different image on its back. Two of these card backs feature Agatha.

Card information[]

The information on the "Agatha Heterodyne" and "Agatha's First Clank" cards is shown below:

Information from "Agatha" cards in the original The Works game
Name Details Points Instructions
Agatha Heterodyne 1 Girl, Genius, Spark 4 Pop all machines touching this card.
Agatha Heterodyne 2 Girl, Genius, Spark 5 Pop one Spark.
Agatha Heterodyne 3 Girl, Genius, Spark 3 Pop one card.
Agatha Heterodyne 4 Girl, Genius, Spark 6 Draw five cards.
Agatha Heterodyne 5 Girl, Genius, Spark 2 You may follow the instructions on one card in your Score Pile.
Agatha's First Clank Giant, Unwieldy, Machine 9 Shuffle your hand into the deck, and draw one card.


  1. While reading Things Man Was Not Meant to Know, Agatha looks very bored. On the other hand, Krosp, reading over her shoulder, looks terrified.