The fifth volume of Girl Genius continues her adventures with Master Payne's Circus of Adventure and follows her to the city of Sturmhalten, where she encounters Tarvek Sturmvoraus, his sister Anevka and the Geisterdamen as her identity as the Geisterdamen's "Holy Child" is revealed and she becomes a fought-over and reluctant pawn in matters of empire. We meet the infamous Lucrezia Mongfish in person, discover the Storm King and the importance of the Muses, and find what Gilgamesh Wulfenbach has been doing with himself all this time. The Baron has an intuitive leap, and Gil a joyous realization, which ends the volume as he dispatches Ardsley Wooster to find and protect Agatha.

Agatha has come a long way from the sheltered "townie" of Volume II who was not used to wearing trousers as she heads into the forest, breeched and alone to salvage materials for her Circus repair work. Even in the face of undress and danger, she is defiant and determined until overwhelmed by... superior forces. Her Sparky charisma even wins her more beaux along the way, but who will win her attention in return?

The colors were done by Cheyenne Wright.

The first page of Volume V begins here: June 27, 2005 . This volume can be purchased on TopatoCo or through local comic book shops.

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