Girl Genius
Girl Genius

Agatha Heterodyne and the Chapel of Bones, the eighth volume of Girl Genius, begins with an opera — The Storm King — which gives us background on the conspiracy unfolding and some parallels to current relationships. Meanwhile, back in Mechanicsburg, Agatha takes on a tough prison demeanor and finds an old "friend", while Gil is adopted by the Jägers and the Jägerfräulein at Mamma Gkika's. Alliances are formed inside and outside of Castle Heterodyne in surprising ways while Baron Klaus Wulfenbach fights both his injuries and his doctor to contain what he sees as an immediate threat from The Other. It's a race between the castle-savers and the castle-killers as Agatha races through dangerous corridors in her damaged family home.

Agatha proves herself a method actress and quick on her feet as she takes on her mantle of leadership. Gil's mystery grows more complex as he finds himself conflicted between the duty of a son and the yearnings of his heart. And a wild card is thrown, almost literally, into the Castle.

The colors were done by Cheyenne Wright.

The first page of Volume VIII begins here: February 4, 2008 . This volume can be ordered on TopatoCo or through local comic book shops.


This volume contains six additional full pages of art.

  • Chibi Agatha with ray gun and mechanical wings (art by Kaja Foglio)
  • Agatha with gear-tooth hula hoop
  • Agatha, Gil, and Tarvek - spring cleaning
  • Agatha, Gil, and Tarvek - cemetery picnic
  • Agatha having tea with a giant clank
  • Emperor Krosp and his mechanical steed

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